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Q: What was the penalty for stealing for tombs in the golden goblet?
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What did heqet overhear in the story golden goblet?

That Ranofer went to the valley of tombs himself

What is significant about the broken tree in the golden goblet?

The broken tree in "The Golden Goblet" symbolizes Ranofer's own brokenness and struggles. It represents his inner turmoil and challenges he must overcome in order to find his true self and purpose. Overall, the broken tree serves as a powerful motif throughout the novel, reflecting Ranofer's journey of growth and self-discovery.

Why were the tombs of the pharaohs built into the rock in a valley?

It was found in the rock of valley because they didn't want people stealing their gold, and they didn't want anybody to know that it was there.

Where were the royal tombs built?

Royal tombs are tombs of a Pharaoh or a Queen.

Is London tombs scary?

It depends on how you look at it. The people in the tombs are, but the tombs themselves are wonderful!

What makes Isla kalahuta in Bolivia a famous place?

its stone tombs.

Why were the tombs needed?

the tombs were used for mummies.

When was The Tombs created?

The Tombs was created in 1902.

Who was burried in tombs?

These type of tombs were found in Mycenae and Peloponnese Greece. It is thought that they were tombs for wealthy citizens.

What were the tombs in Egypt called?

The bodies were placed in sarcophagi (plural sarcophagis), which were left in tombs. They are just called tombs.

When did Kasubi Tombs happen?

Kasubi Tombs happened in 2001.

When was The Tombs of Atuan created?

The Tombs of Atuan was created in 1971.