What was the price of petrol in 1983?

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What was the cost of a liter of petrol in 1983?

The cost of a liter of petrol in the United States of America in 1983 was $4 per little. The price has however gone up because of the increased demand and the depleted sources.

What is the price of petrol in London?

The average price of a gallon of petrol in the UK is now £4.80.

Are petrol stations allowed to change the petrol price to the old price if old petrol is in the petrol tank?

I don't know who asked that question, but he must be f***ed in the brain

Price of petrol in 1965?

9,731 petrol stations The price of Reg. gas in NY was 25 cents a gal. I was there!

Does the changing of petrol price affect the rate of inflation?

The changing of petrol price affects the rate of inflation. When petrol price increases, it follows that the cost of production and transportation of most goods also increase.

What was the price of petrol in Britain in 1958?

in the 1958 britain's petrol had didn't price than now, because many the people of Britain didnt now about petrol and their use...........

What was the price of petrol in 1960?

The price of petrol or gas in 1960 was about 25 shillings or about 0.31 cents per gallon. Petrol is the word used to describe gasoline in Europe.

Who controls the petrol price in South Africa?

The government controls the petrol price, in that it sets a standard price that all petrol providers must charge. The price is still affected by international oil prices, rising and falling as these prices rise and fall.

Can petrol stations charge the new prices if they have old petrol in the tanks?

obviously yes...because petrol like gold is priced at market price and not at the price which existed earlier.

Price of white petrol?


What is the Petrol price in Mozambique?


Why does petrol price in Pretoria differ from that in Durban?

The petrol price in pretoria differs from that it Durban because petrol station owners have to pay a different price than from pretoria because the two have to pay different amounts of money from exportation

What was the price of cigarettes in 1983?

what was the price of cigarettes on 1983

Does the price of oil affect the price of petrol?

Yes, petrol prices will move slightly to reflect the oil price, although in the UK the the oil cost is a very small part of the price per litre, tax and fuel duty makes up the majority of the cost. Also as petrol if produced through fractal distillation (separation of crude oil) the price of petrol is most likely to increase slightly through the price of oil.

What is price of unleaded petrol?

ever increasing.

What was the price of petrol in Australia in 2002?


What is the petrol price in Botswana?

P 8.39

What was the price of petrol in Australia in 1993?


How much has the price of petrol increased?

Since when?

What is the petrol price in Brunei country?


What effect an increase in the price of petrol is likely to have on equilibrium price?

an increase in the price of petrol will make the price of the car also increase.It will reduce the demand of the car and the demand and supply curve will shift to the left .The car and the petrol is compliment goods whereby it related to each other alike car cannot move without petrol and cannot play badmintion without a shuttle.

What is the Petrol price in Malawi?

It's around $1.38 (Kwacha 200) per litre of petrol

Why isn't the price of petrol going down?

uganda's price is going down

What was the price of a gallon of petrol in 1989?

Year Price per Litre (p) Price per GallonRetailPricesIndex Petrol Pricein constant terms(1983=100) 5-year% increase 1983 36.7 1.670 83.1 100.0 - 1984 38.7 1.759 87.5 100.0 - 1985 42.8 1.946 92.8 104.3 - 1986 38.2 1.737 96.7 89.4 - 1987 37.8 1.719 100.6 85.0 - 1988 34.7 1.578 104.1 75.4 -5.5 1989 38.4 1.746 112.3 77.4 -0.7

Average petrol price 1950 UK?

The average petrol price in 1950 in UK was about $36 per gallon. However, the prices have kept fluctuating over the years but there has been a significant price of the same.