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An argument went on between Gregory and Henry. This argument was on whether Henry or Gregory should choose the next Bishop. Gregory got rejected by the Roman's on whether he should pick the next Bishop because of Henry. So Gregory "Excommunicated" Henry. Henry then traveled to Italy to apologize to Gregory. Before Gregory forgave him Henry stood out in the snow for three days out side of Gregory's room.

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Q: What was the problem between Pope Gregory and Henry VIII?
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How was the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV resolved?

Pope Gregory died leaving Henry iv to do as he pleased

How was the conflict between Pope Gregory and Henry resolved?

Henry crossed the freezing Alps to the Italian town of Canossa. He approached the castle where the Pope Gregory VII was a guest and then begged humbly to be forgiven.

Why did Henry IV beg Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness?

It's because Henry's nobles supported Gregory, and the reason why Henry begged the Pope was because he said the Pope had no real authority.

Who told Pope Gregory VII to resign?

Henry IV of Germany told him to resign. In exchange, Gregory excommunicated Henry and remained as pope.

What pope had to grant Henry forgiveness in 1075?

Pope Gregory VII.

Why did pope Gregory excommunicate emperor Henry iv?

Henry lV violated the pope's orders.

What was the subject of the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and the Henry IV?

pope Gregory VII wanted to change the rules about the religion. Henry IV got angry and thought he can fire pope Gregory VII. Henry got excommunicated from the church. years past, he came back and begged for forgiveness and was back in the church society.

What was the basis of the conflict between emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII?

Investiture Controversy - Henry felt that he, as emperor, had the right to appoint any bishops in his kingdom. Gregory insisted that only the pope could appoint them.

Why did Pope Gregory VII excommunicate Emperor Henry IV?

Henry lV violated the pope's orders.

What action did Pope Gregory VII take against the king in 1076?

Pope Gregory excommunicated King Henry IV while Henry declared the pope deposed. Most of the people seemed to support the actions of the pope and not those of Henry.

Who excommunicated Henry IV?

Pope Gregory VII

Who did Henry IV conflict with?

Pope Gregory VII

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