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Q: What was the problem with confederates being apart of congress?
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Why did the confederates revolt from the US?

The confederates revolted mainly because they did not like the idea of slavery being abolished.

What did Stephen Douglas mean when he said the struggle for freedom was forever banished from the halls of freedom from the halls of congress to the western plains?

I think that he meant that the struggle for slaves' freedom has come from being just a problem for COngress to solve to a problem facing all Americans.

Which president had the greatest problem with congress?

I would say Andrew Johnson who was impeached by the House and came within one vote of being convicted by the Senate .

What occupations do many members of congress have prior to being in congress?


What does being seceded mean?

Breaking away from the Federal Government. Like the Confederates did in the Civil War.

Problem that led to civil war?

Increasing difficulty of creating new slave-states, so the South was being out-voted in Congress, which then tended to pass laws that favoured the North.

What did the congress accomplished?

Being dumb people and being lazy

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