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Q: What was the program to control businesses and labor?
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What program encouraged businesses to set a minimum wages and abolish child labor?

I don't know . Ask a Social Studies teacher .

What is labor racketeering?

Labor racketeering is the domination, manipulation, and control of a labor movement in order to affect related businesses and industries. It can lead to the denial of workers' rights and inflicts an economic loss on the workers, business, industry, insurer, or consumer.

Why is labor control is important for a business?

Because help is important in a business and businesses could close down if there is no help even large company's.

Why did businesses move their factories to the South after 1960?

Labor was cheaper and easier to control partly because Right to Work laws made unions weak.

What are the current trends in international businesses?

International businesses continue to expand by leveraging less expensive labor. By saving money on labor, they can enter in more markets.

How do you control labor cost in a hotel?

please send me massege how do you control labor cost ahotel

Division of labor is difficult to achieve in small businesses?


What is the cost of replacing the body control module in your 2003 Saturn vue?

At the deal it'll cost about $650 for new module and labor to install and program it.

What type of inmate labor system allows private businesses to pay to use inmate labor?

Contract System

When did the Knights of Labor believe that conflict between capital and labor would disappear?

labor would own and operate businesses and industries. -Tom Conard

What is purchased by businesses in a resource market?

Businesses purchase the factors of production in a resource market, which are: capital, labor, land and entrepreneurship. (:

What tech company isn't involved in the uyghur forced labor program?


During the great depression of the 1930s the us government adopted a program to help farmers and businesses and to protect labor and laborers congress passed the blank law?

i think that it is worker's rights am 80% sure

How do you program the Dale Earnhardt universal control?

how do I program the Dale Earnhardt remote control

Who implemented total government control over businesses?

Vladimir Lenin nationalized large businesses.

Why do businesses use child labor?

Businesses use child labor for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that child labor is much cheaper than adult labor, even though it comes with its negatives. It is a little tedious and hard due to regulations and limitations on their occupations and hours. Also, child labor helps show that the business gives equal opportunity to all races, ages, etc without being stereotyped. This helps promote a good image to the customers of businesses.

What is program interrupt and explain it?

program interrupt is transfer program control from currently running program to a service program depends on internal or external generated request after execution of service program, program control will be returned to original program

What companies do not use child labor?

US companies do not use child labor illegally. Family businesses use their children legally.

What are the purposes of labor unions?

grant more power to workers against businesses.

Owners of businesses might lease what to meet their labor needs?

Convict laborers

Why did businesses move to the south?

Labor costs were lower because unions were weaker.

How many countries does child labor occur in?

No nation prohibits child labor completely, because millions of small businesses are family firms. Kids of owners can legally work in family businesses, even in the USA and UK.

When was IBM Airline Control Program created?

IBM Airline Control Program was created in 1968.

How did MOST American businesses attempt to deal with the labor shortages that potentially affected their businesses?

They hired increased numbers of women and African Americans.

Why do businesses prepare control accounts?

don't know and what control of accounts do you need in a business