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Q: What was the purpose of copper sheating?
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What is sheating conductor?

Sheating conductor is the material that wraps wires to protect you from shock and the wire from being damaged.

Pros and cons of using copper?

It depends on your purpose for the copper. Would you kindly submit another questions indicating the purpose for the copper.

What are copper granules?

Copper granules are very small and rice shape copper made by copper granulators. They are usually made from copper scrap for the purpose of recycling.

What is the purpose of chelating zinc and copper for the purpose of supplements for people?

too help people

What is a bare cable?

Bare cable is simply a conductor without a coating, sheating, or covering. It is just bare wire.

Can copper be pulled into wires?

Yes it is routinely used for that purpose

What is the good substitute for copper sulfate when mixing it with NAOH?

Please indicate the purpose of adding the copper sulphate and resubmit your question.

What are the advantages of copper bottom cookware?

The copper bottom is more for looks than actual purpose. Some beleive the copper bottom provides more even heating.

What is the main purpose of a copper rivet?

The main purpose of copper rivet is to handle tension. This is applied to jeans, they are added to high stress areas of jeans to prevent them from ripping when a person bends over or squats.

What is the purpose of a copper mailbox?

A copper mailbox offers a unique and durable way to get your mail. They have many styles to choose from so you can get the perfect mailbox.

What is the purpose of copper weathervanes?

The purpose of copper weathervanes are generally to show the direction the wind is blowing. The weathervane is designed to point in the direction the wind is coming from but there are also designs facing their back towards the wind. Nowadays when weather service is more accurate the real purpose can be for decoration.

What purpose does copper have?

it doesn't rustit conducts electricityit is in the middle of fireworkmakes cheese