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the Mayflower and the mayflower compact were two different things.

The purpose of the Mayflower compact is that so they would have a plan of

goverment such as just and equal laws.


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It was laws and things ou have to a bindby.

what is the mayflower compact

the mayflower compact did aceed

They wrote the Mayflower Compact.

From the Lighter Side: I have not yet signed the Mayflower Compact.The women and the slaves did not sign the Mayflower Compact.

provide guidelines for the government of a colony

To provide guidelines for the government of a colony

to set a system of laws that all immigrants and people of the mayflower had to obide to form an organized city

The purpose of the mayflower compact was because the pilgrims did NOT want a king or queen and they just wanted a government so they made rules. The Pilgrims went to America so they could practice religion their own way. They knew they needed rules so they created the compact before they set foot on American soil. The purpose of the mayflower compact was to form a stable government that wouldn't run out of resources quickly.

Here is the term mayflower compact in a sentence. The mayflower compact was the governing document of the Plymouth colony.

The Mayflower compact was written for the colony in Massachusetts

The Mayflower Compact established a tradition of direct democracy.

The Mayflower Compact was written in 1620.

The Mayflower Compact was written in there destination which they landed in

The Mayflower Compact was created and signed in 1620.

The Mayflower Compact was formed in 1620 by the pilgrims.

no the mayflower compact was not what made thanksgiving

The Mayflower Compact was an example of a social contract.

The Mayflower Compact was written by a Mayflower passenger William Bradford in November 1620.

The Mayflower Compact got its name from the ship the Mayflower that's where it was signed and written.

all the men that were aboard the mayflower signed the mayflower compact(:

The pilgrim assembly was on the mayflower writing the compact

The Mayflower compact was an early example of representative government.

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