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to make sure the people don't follow the four olds

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Who were the red guards?

The red guards were supporters of Chinese Chairman Mao. The red guards were students that defined themselves as a revolutionary youth organization.

Use red guards in a sentence?

Red Guards wore green jackets with a red band on one sleeve. Red Guards were young students that followed Mao Zedong's policies during the Cultural Revolution.

What was the terror of the red guards in 1966-67?

The Red guards were hired by Lenin to kill anyone who he saw fit. The Red Terror is what the group called itself.

Who are The Red Guards?

The Red Guards were a group of people or a militia made by Mao Zedong. The group consisted of high school and college students.

What did the red guards think of intellectual and artistic activity?

The Red Guards thought that only the activity in these fields was allowed that was in strict conformity with Mao's teachings.

Red guards and what did they do?

The Red Guards are a group of students and young workers who follow the teachings of Mao Zedong. The Red Guards would visit universities and other schools and spred the teachings of Mao Zedong. All who refused would be beaten and tortured until death.

Who is Anubis in the red pyramid?

a god who guards afterlife

Why did the red scarf girl wear a red scarf?

It represented the Red Successors or Red Guards who followed Cairman Mao

What is the collective noun for guards?

A brigade of guards. Also refers to a large body of troops and a group of individuals gathered together for a common purpose

Who enforced the cultural revolution?

Mao Zedong was the one that started and made the influence, but the real people that took action were his Red Guards, or the students that come from "Red" families. These Red Guards were the real followers of Mao.

What are the red successors in Red Scarf Girl?

a semiformal organization in elementary schools formed in imitation of the Red Guards

What is the purpose of amendment 4?

it guards it's citizens of illegal searches and seiuzures.

Where are the guards on red dragon island?

They are every were so wathch out

How was the life of a black in the cultural-revolution?

Very secretive, they always had to hide when the red guards came and once they got caught the red guards took all of their possesions and beat them.

How do you to sneak past the guards in Red Dragon Island?

You have to dress like one of the guards to pass them, but you have to walk like regular people do.

What is Cerberus purpose?

He guards the Gates of Hades and keeps the ghosts of the dead from leaving the Underworld.

Who was the red guard and what did they do?

the red guards were people who worked for Mao-ze-dong and helped spread his teachings

What was Mao Zedong's army called?

the red guards they were young students

What is the climax of the story red scarf girl?

when the red guards shearch Ji-Li's house is the climax of Red Scarf Girl

Who were the Red Gaurds?

The red guards were young people who spread communism and carried little red books. They were supporters of Ho Chi Minh.

What did the British palaces guards wear?

Red jackets and BEAR Skin hats.

How do you go through the guards in poptropica?

in red dragon island you need to go to the bonsai hut to get a kimono from the lady and the kimono has a passport in the pocket that will let you get past the guards

Where do you get the guards a drink in Pokemon Red?

At Celedon City, go talk to the old lady in Celedon Mansion. She'll give you some hot tea and that's what you give to the guards.

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