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The Bolshevik Party was the radical communist group that took over Russia in the October Russian Revolution. In 1918, the Bolshevik Party changed its name to the Communist Party.

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Q: What was the radical communist group that took over Russia in the Russian Revolution?
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The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia?

The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia becoming a communist state.

How successful were communist at spreading the revolutionoutside russia?

The communist werent succesful at spreading teh revolution outside the russian

What was the result of the russian revolution in 1991?

The result of the revolution in 1991 was the fall of the Communist Regime that had ruled Russia since 1917.

When was the communist revolution of russia?

The Russian Revolution was actually a series of revolutions. The first of these occurred in 1917 and they lasted through 1918.

Why was the Russian revolution important?

Because it brought on Communism in Russia. Also China was influenced by Russia to be communist as well.

Who did Germany bring back to Russia in hopes to pull Russia out of the World War 1?

Germany helped Lenin (a communist) get to Russia hoping that he would help to overthrow the Russian monarchy, and start a communist revolution. A revolution would mean Russia would be involved in a internal Russian war/Civil War instead of fighting with Germany

Who fought in the Russian revolution?

There were two Revolutions in Russia. In the March Revolution, anti-czarists forced teh czar to abdicate and set up a democratic government. In the November or Bolshevik Revolution, the Bolsheviks (communist party) overthrew that government and turned Russia communist.

What was lenins main goal during the russian revolution?

Answer this question… To establish a communist government in Russia

What was the communist takeover of russia in November 1917 called?

It was a coup which led to the development of a state capitalist system.

How did the Russian revolution affect the rest of the world?

The Russian Revolution had a powerful impact on Russia. It changed the system of government from a monarchy to communism and destroyed the serfdom system. The Russian Revolution set up the beginnings of a new, more modern Russia.

Who was the king of russia after the Russian revolution?

After the revolution in Russia was not kings.

What did the Russian Revolution of 1917 establish?

There were two revolutions in 1917. The February Revolution ended the rule of the Tsars with the establishment of the Russian Provisional Government. The second revolution, the October Revolution , established Bolshevik/Communist rule in Russia. At first Russia became known as the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, which later became the Soviet Union (USSR).