What was the reason for the 14 point peace plan and what were the benefits?

The Fourteen Points was President Wilson's blueprint for the world after World War I. He presented his plan to the US Congress in January of 1918. He insisted that a peace plan which would succeed after the war, would have to contain the principles of his 14 Points. Most of the points dealt with specific European problems that would have to be addressed after the war. The most important of the Points, according to Wilson, was the 14th Point. This created a League of Nations, which Wilson hoped would become an international organization to solve issues between nations and prevent future wars. Wilson was too idealistic to think that the victorious powers would adhere to all of his demands in the Fourteen Points. But even though most of his points were defeated, including the US Senate voting not to join the League, the ideals of Wilson's plan paved the way for the creation of the United Nations following World War II and the creation of international courts of justice. MrV