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The Fourteen Points was President Wilson's blueprint for the world after World War I. He presented his plan to the US Congress in January of 1918. He insisted that a peace plan which would succeed after the war, would have to contain the principles of his 14 Points. Most of the points dealt with specific European problems that would have to be addressed after the war. The most important of the Points, according to Wilson, was the 14th Point. This created a League of Nations, which Wilson hoped would become an international organization to solve issues between nations and prevent future wars. Wilson was too idealistic to think that the victorious powers would adhere to all of his demands in the Fourteen Points. But even though most of his points were defeated, including the US Senate voting not to join the League, the ideals of Wilson's plan paved the way for the creation of the United Nations following World War II and the creation of international courts of justice. MrV

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Q: What was the reason for the 14 point peace plan and what were the benefits?
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Who rejected wilson's 14 point peace plan?

It is important to know Presidential history. Woodrow Wilson make a 14 point peace plan, to bring peace throughout the nations. It was rejected twice by the US Senate.

What did president woodraw Wilson call his plan for world peace?

14 point peace speech

Why was Wilson's fourteen point peace plan rejected?

Because it just was

Woodrow willson's peace plan was knowns as what point?

The Fourteen Points

Why did Congress reject Wilson's 14 Point Peace Plan?

Congress rejcted wilsons fourteen point peace plan because they werent even part of ww1 and did not want to become included in it. Also, they were so used to isolationism that they disagreed with what was stated in his plan. I hope i helped :)

President Wilson came up with a plan to end the war and to keep long lasting peace What was this plan known as?

14-Point Plan

Who rejected Woodrow Wilson's 'Fourteen Points' Plan?

The people of the USA rejected the 14 point peace plan because they were so used to being a isolationism country and Woodrow's fourteen point plan threatened that.

Why did the allies rejected wilsons 14 peace plan?

The allies had nothing to gain from Wilson's 14 point plan of peace. They wanted the Germans to pay for all the damage they caused.

What point did Wilson consider most important in his peace plan?

The Creation of a " general association of nation's"

Which US President outlined a 14-point plan for peace in January 1918?

Woodrow Wilson

World War 1 peace plan?

What do you mean about WWI peace plan?

What was Woodrow Wilsons plan for peace called?

Woodrow Wilsonâ??s plan for peace was called the 14 Points or the 14 Points Plan. He believed that this plan would help to create world peace.

Was the peace treaty that ended world war 1 a good one?

is was a good one because President Wilson believed he could bring peace and justice with his fourteen Point plan.

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Why did president Wilson develop the14 point?

Woodrow Wilson came up with a peace plan called the 14 Point Program to call European countries to give up so their will be no more wars.

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Nobody nows!

What points of Wilson's 14 points succeeded?

Only one, the fourteenth point. The League of Nations Wilson suggested was formed by the delegates of the Paris Peace Conference. The other thirteen were rejected as they contrasted with the more popular plan for peace.

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