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the answer is 69.

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What is the record for the most children born to one mother in the US?

octuplets or 8 children

Most kids in one family?

The most children in one family record belongs to the Feodor Vasilyevich family. The mother gave birth to 69 children in her lifetime during the 1700s.

Did Ezekiel have any children?

There is no record of his having had children.

What is the record for the most adopted children?

23 is the record in the usa

Are the Duggers the record holders for most children in the US?

Yes they do hold the record for the most children in the United States

Can a mother get sole custody with a domestic violence and DUI on her record?

The short answer is yes she can, the longer answer depends on what the husband is like comparatively, whether or not children were endangered by her actions.

Why did Michelangelo's mother die?

We have no record of her death.

When would one parent get sole custody of children?

If you are a father. You must prove the mother unfit, drugs, abuse, prison record, etc... IF you are a mother, depending on the state you live in they would allow soul custody because you are the mother. If the father is unfit and you live in Utah and/or California where they are for the father as well and want to do joint custody in most of those two states, the father must pretty much be unfit such as abuse, drugs and/or prison record for the mother to get full custody. That is pretty much when the only time I have known any parent to get full custody of their children.

How many cousins did Mother Teresa have?

We have no record of any cousins Mother Teresa may have had.

Can people with a 5150 psychiatric hold on there record have children?

Yes. I had one when I was 18 (during a major anxiety attack). I am now a mother. No one can stop you from having children, but if you put them in danger or cannot care for them, they may be taken away.

What did socrates children feel about his execution?

History does not record the answer. Their is simply no record of their reactions.

Who was St. Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist's mother?

There is no reliable record indicating the name of St. Elizabeth's mother.

How do you get a record deal in America if you are in India?

Why would you need a record deal frm america, if you are in India? You could just get it from India. Otherwise, you would have to travel to america, but that would not be worth the trip.

What did Mary the mother of Jesus wear?

No record of this that I know of.

What is world record for the most children born of one couple?

17 children

Who was David's mother in the Bible?

Bathsheba was Solomon's mother. There is no record of David's mother's name in the Bible.

How much did Mother Teresa weigh when she was a baby?

Mother Teresa was born at home and there is no record of her birth weight.

Did Ludwig van Beethoven have children and a wife?

There is no record of Beethoven having a wife and children.

Did Saint Bartholomew have a wife or children?

We have no record of any wife or children Bartholomew might have had.

Do Cicely Tyson have children?

There is no record of her having children, however she has mentioned a daughter in the past.

What is the mens world record for the high jump?

James ollgy from south America made a world record record of 2.45 meters

Can you visit America if you have a criminal record in Australia?

It could depend on what kind of criminal record you have. How long a record and how severe the crime(s).

What is the record for how many BABY goats a mother goat had?


What gospel did Elvis record for his mother?

'That's alright Mama'.

What was the World record for baby 1 mother?

8 children by Nadya Suleman (USA). Dubbed "Octomom" by US press. Gave birth to 6 boys and 2 girls in Bellflower, California.

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