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154th. Watch the movie GLORY about this.

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Q: What was the regiment of mostly free African Americans that led a Heroic charge on fort Wagner in South Carolina?
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What was he 54th Massachusetts regiment?

African American soldiers and a white commanding officer

How did the events of July 18 1862 win respect for African American troops?

The heroic behaviour and bravery demonstrated by the 54th Massachusetts (colored) regiment in the assault of the fort won the respect of northern public opinion for African American soldiers.

What was one of the states with the first black regiments?

Rohde Island was the first state to have an African American regiment in 1778

What The Massachusetts 54th Regiment became well known for their heroic attack on?

Fort Wagner.

The Massachusetts 54th Regiment became well known for their heroic attack on?

Fort Wagner.

Did African Americans fight in the pacific in World War 2?

Certainly. The African-American Units in the Pacific were among the most distinguished in the American Armed Forces. The Tuskegee Airmen (an all-black Air Force Brigade that fought in the Pacific) were one of the most heroic groups of American Soldiers in the War II.

Did Roosevelt gain popularity with Americans as a result of the Spanish American War?

Yes, he had gained heroic status.

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Despite a heroic effort on behalf of the United States, Indians (Native Americans) were not all wiped out and still exist today.

Who were the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts?

The Fifty Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment was one of the first official all black regiments of the U.S. armed services. This regiment consisted of free men primarily recruited at a local church and deployed from Readville, MA, which is today considered part the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston. Due to an overwhelming number of volunteers for the regiment, the recruiters had the luxury of being extremely selective and therefore put forth a regiment of extraordinarily healthy men who unfortunately took very heavy casualties during several heroic battles of the civil war.

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