What was the relationship between Scrooge and Marley?

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"Birds of a feather"! They were partners.
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Who were Scrooge and Marley?

Scrooge was the name of the miser in Dickens "A Christmas carol" . He was the one who saw the four ghosts.. The first ghost was that of Jacob Marley, Scrooge's dead partner.

What did Jacob Marley tell Scrooge?

Marley tells Scrooge that he, too, wears a chain, larger than Marley's. Marley has often sat by him unseen. Now he warns him of three more spirits which will visit to help him change his ways.

What does Scrooge learn from Marley?

The he (Scrooge) has little time left to make changes to his lifeand the way he treats his fellow man. Should he not change then He(Scrooge) will suffer the same fate as Marley; eternal damnation

What did Marley tell Scrooge?

Marley told Scrooge that everytime Scrooge did something bad, a chain would appear. Marley had lots of chains, and he told Scrooge that he would have more if he didn't change. Marley also told Scrooge that he would be visited by three ghosts.

What does Marley explain to Scrooge?

That unless Scrooge changes his life to that of a more accepting person of mankind's issues he will suffer everlasting torment following his death as does Marley.

What is the meesage from Marley to Scrooge?

To change his miserly hard hearted ways and seek to help mankind orsuffer a lonely death whereafter he would walk the earth in eternaltorment

What business was Scrooge and Jacob Marley in?

It is never made completely clear EXACTLY what business they engage in, but it seems to involve finances (perhaps lending). Dickens refers to his place of business as a "counting house."

Who sent Marley to visit Scrooge?

Marley infers sthat he himself was always near Scrooge but he couldnot be seen however, due to the significance of the situation hehad made every effort to redeem himslf a little by helping Scrooge

Where did Marley visit Scrooge?

Marley appeared to Scrooge in several places, but all were at hishouse. The first glimpse Scrooge gets is in the doorknocker, andthen in several places in his room, and finally Marley appears infull body, floating through the locked door to talk to him.

How does Scrooge react to Marleys ghost?

He's scared at frst and doesn't belive that Marley's ghost is real. But then he starts to believe by some of the things that Marley says and does.

How were Scrooge and Jacob Marley similar?

They were both greedy business partners that cared mainly about themselves and their fortune and not about anyone else. A key difference is that during his lifetime, Marley never felt remorse for his ways, and his posthumous visit to Scrooge was intended to make Scrooge see his errors.

What does his visit to Scrooge tell about Marley?

Marley was very much like Scrooge in life. However, Marley having suffered seven years of torment in the after life sees that that Scrooge is also destined for everlasting torment after his death and he seeks to redeem himself if only slightly by warning his friend Ebenezer

What did Scrooge think Marley was?

" A piece of undercooked potato, some undigested meat indeed therewas more gravy than grave about the apparition

Did Jacob Marley haunt Scrooge?

Yes he did haunt him because, he loved him and he said that he would stop haunting him if they got married and lived in either Mexico or Australia.

Why is Marley visiting Scrooge?

To warn Scrooge that he will suffer eternal torment after his deathshould he not change his ways. Therefore to help Marley foretellsof three ghost who will visit after him

What did Scrooge learn from marleys ghost?

He learns that coninuing on his miserly, money grabbing ways wherehe disrespects and disowns those around him will being Scroogeeverlasting torment

How would you compare Scrooge to Marley?

They were both of the same mind. Both saw money as a motivation andboth preferred teh ability to make money than seek to look aftermankind's poor

What did Scrooge show to Jacob Marley?

A toothpick. Scrooge challenged Marley's Ghost with the thought that swallowing the toothpick would make the ghost disappear. When Marley shrieked in response, Scrooge finally came around to believing Marley was there.

How does Scrooge feel when Marley comes?

Confused initially as he cannot work out if he is hallucinating dueto a bad meal or dreaming. By the end of teh visit Scrooge isfearful of the ghosts message

How is Scrooge like Marley?

Marley and Scrooge both focused on earning money. They were both miserly and did not have any compassion for others, especially the poor.

When does Jacob Marley visit Scrooge?

In Charles Dickens' classic tale "A Christmas Carol," the ghost ofJacob Marley visits his former friend and partner Ebeneezer Scroogelate on Christmas Eve. No year is given, but the novella waspublished in 1843 and appears to be a more or less contemporarystory. The other three spirits were, accord ( Full Answer )

What is Marley relationship with Scrooge?

In "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, Jacob Marley isintroduced as Scrooge's former business partner who had died sevenyears previously on Christmas Eve. The two men were as good friendsas men of such ill temper and disposition could be, but Marleyinforms Scrooge that the unseen "chain" that Sc ( Full Answer )

How did Jacob Marley behave to Scrooge?

When he reurns to warn Scooge he says that he is doing so onlybecause he has been allowed to do so. He cannot sya why it is thisnight that Scrooge can see him but he warns him that his life mustchange of suffer the same perils as he

Why does Marley tell Scrooge Ask who you were?

In the original script of the story the apparition or Marley couldnot be fully recognised. Seven years had passed since Scrooge hadseen his old partner and in the gloom of the room and the darkshadowy figure that presented its elf Scrooge was to to "Ask Who IOnce Was" so that Marley could correctly ( Full Answer )

What does marleys ghost teach Scrooge?

Jacobs return was the start of the changes that Scrooge was toundertake before Christmas Day. Marley tells Scrooge that he(Marley) will walk the earth for eternity because of his attitudeto his fellow man. It was a punishment that he did not want Scroogeto endure

What is several differences between scrooge and Marley?

Initially they are very much the same person. Both are money andwork focused and care little for teh suffering of those aroundthem. Marley changes once he experiences the eteral suffering hehas brought on himself and in a bid to redeem himself if onlyslightly he offers the hand of bith friendship an ( Full Answer )

What was the relationship like between Scrooge and Bob Cratchit?

Initially we see Scrooge as an oppressive employer who seeks todomineer Bob and treat him harshly. Then when seeing the visions ofhis own past and how Fezziwig treated him and his employeesScrooges attitude starts to change. And then in stave 5 we seeScrooge, the changed man soften toward Bob and ra ( Full Answer )

Marley why had he come to visit Scrooge?

Marley was allowed back to warn Scrooge of his impending death andthe everlasting torment that would befall him should he not changehis ways. Marley employs the help of three further spirits to helpchange Scrooges mind and ways

How Marley affected Scrooge?

Jacob Marley, Scrooge's deceased business partner, was the firstghost to appear before Scrooge. Scrooge was shaken, but notaffected too much, dismissing the appearance of Marley as a baddream or hallucination.

How did Scrooge treat Jacob Marley?

Initially on seeing his spirit Scrooge dismissed him as a piece ofundercooked meat or raw potato. However, Marley's wailing andmoaning soon convince Scrooge of who he is

How does Marley convince Scrooge he is real?

Scrooge asks him if he sit, Marley replies yes and does so and thenScrooge checks if Marley can see "this toothpick ". Marley confirmsthis but Scrooge again speaks of his doubts. Marley raises from theseat and with a ear shattering scream unties the bandage that fixedhis lower jaw in place and allow ( Full Answer )

What message does Marley give Scrooge?

He tells Scrooge change his ways of suffer eternal torment afterdeath. To aid Marley in changing Scrooge Marley tells Ebenezer ofthe arrival of three ghosts who will help him

How are Scrooge and Jacob Marley unalike?

Scrooge was very miserly even to himself whilst Marley did like thefiner things i.e he bought a very large house in central Londonwhich Scrooge took over and rented out various parts after Marley'sdeath

What has Marley come to do to scrooge?

Jacob has been allow back in to the living realm to warn Scroogeabout his nasty miserly ways. Marley warns Scrooge that he hascreated a heavy burden of chain link by link . Marley lifts hischains and shows Scrooge the length saying "this was the samelength as yours 7 Christmases again and you have w ( Full Answer )