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well for one they were never "slaves" the ancient Egyptian people built pyramids for the "gods" they worshipped and thought maybe it would get them a good spot in the afterlife! but anyways the pharaohs were there basically as the man in the middle between gods and humans. The pharaohs didn't interact with the ancient Egyptians but was more of a ruler to them and told them what the gods wanted from them.

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Q: What was the relationship with Egyptian pharaohs and the Egyptian slaves?
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What are the similarities between Egyptian pharaohs and slaves?

they are both egytians

What jobs were Egyptian women was allowed not hold?

the could not be scribes only slaves,farmers or maybe pharaohs

Who were Egyptian Leaders?


Why did people build the pyramids?

The pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians (the slaves, specifically) for a very practical purpose. They were tombs for the most important members of ancient Egyptian civilization: the pharaohs and the pharaohs' queens.

Why were Egyptian pharaohs worshiped?

The people believed that the pharaohs were descendants of gods.

Are Pharaohs Roman gods?

Not even close. Pharaohs are Egyptian rulers.

Who made the pharaohs food?

An egyptian cook made the pharaohs food

What did the pharaohs functioned?

As slaves

What are in the Egyptian pyramids?

Mummies of pharaohs.


ancient Egyptian rulers .

What are Egyptian priest?

They serve pharaohs

What god did the Egyptian pharaohs relate themselves to?

Pharaohs were believed to be the living Horus.