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Lincoln got tired of everyone criticizing the government. If anyone was to talk about it, they would be sent straight to jail without a trial.

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Q: What was the result of Lincoln suspending the writs of habeas corpus?
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Which president was shot to death by Charles Guiteay?

James A. Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guiteau on July 2, 1881. As a result, President Garfield died on September 19th of that year.

How did Abraham Lincoln represent republican principles during the Lincoln-doughlas debates?

As a candidate for the senate seat held by Democrat Stephen Douglas, Republican Abraham Lincoln provided a moderate position on the issue of slavery. He did this because earlier in the 1850's the radical Republican view that slavery needed to be abolished at once throughout the nation was just "too radical" for many citizens to bear. Lincoln was opposed to the national sovereignty policy created by Douglas. The result of this policy, which Douglas did not approve, was the violence it created in Kansas. There as per the Act passed by Congress, people would vote as to whether the state would be a free one or a slave state. It must be noted however, that although most Republicans and even Democrats in Illinois did not believe slavery was "Just", Lincoln and Douglas believed at that time that Blacks were not equal to whites.

Why did many politicians consider the period of reconstruction necessary after the civil war?

Even though Lincoln favored a reunion with "malice toward none," the so-called Radical Republicans felt that, One, the South needed to be punished and, Two, force was necessary to insure that the former Confederate states would comply with the new legal rights and freedoms granted to former slaves. Some who would have followed in Lincoln's footsteps changed as a result of his assassination.

How did the civil war change the US political?

One significant political result of the US Civil War was what was coined as the "solid South". What this meant was that because President Lincoln was a Republican, and the majority of the Congress during and after the war was also Republican. The result was that the Southern States were solid supporters of Democrats. This is no longer the situation. One might say that certainly since the beginning of the Reagan era, the Southern States will vote on issues impacting them, not on party lines.

Which of these men became president when Abraham Lincoln died in office?

Lincoln's Vice President, Andrew Johnson, took office upon the death of Lincoln.Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. He was president from 1865-1869.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson became president after Lincoln's' death.Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn into office after the death of Abraham Lincoln.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson, the vice-president, became president upon the death of Lincoln.His Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a War Democrat that Lincoln included on his National Union ticket after the Radical Republicans nominated John C. Frémont instead.Vice-president Andrew Johnson became the President .Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the Presidency after Lincolns' assassinationVice president Andrew Johnson took over in 1865 when President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 (also Good Friday).- Johnson, the VP, took office upon Lincoln's death.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson.When President Lincoln died as a result of being shot, Vice-President Andrew Johnson was sworn in as President. Prior to this, he had been an alderman, mayor, member of Tennessee Legislature, member of US House of Representatives, Governor of Tennessee, member of US Senate and Vice-President. He served only one term as President, 1865-1869.Vice President Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn in after Lincolns death.Andrew Johnson

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Did suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus in New York City contribute to the Draft Riots?

No. Suspension of habeas corpus was not the cause of the riots. The draft was the cause. Suspension of habeas corpus was more of a result than a contribution.

Lincoln suspended writs of habeas courps as a result?

He had an urgent need to jail the political leaders of Maryland, as they had Southern sympathies.

How does a write of habeas corpus safeguard individual freedom?

The Writ of Habeas Corpus prevents unlawful detention. Unless a person is charged, they can only be detained for a short period of time. Violation of this right can result in dismissal of evidence or charges.

What Ruler passed the habeas corpus act?

The concept originally found its way into law in 17th-century England, when Catholics were considered disloyal to the throne of King Charles II. Catholics could be imprisoned as a result of their religious allegiances ...

What is a disorder that may result from abnormal development of the corpus collosum?

I believe that would be 'epilepsy'.

Franz kafka's Joseph k in the trial as an every modern man?

Franz Kafka's "The Trial" discusses a man's ordeal in a hellish bureaucratic dystopia in which the main character, Joseph K., is accused of a crime the authorities won't name. In the modern world, this type of situation is rare, and could only come about as a result of Habeas Corpus being lifted for some reason.

What was the result of the battle of monitor and the merrimac?

Lincoln won

What was the result of the death of President Lincoln?

he died by getting shot

What was the result for the southern states when Abraham Lincoln was elected?

they seceded from the union

What was the result of the emancipation proclamation issed by Abraham Lincoln?

No more slavery.

What was the result of the battle of antietam-?

The result or outcome of the Battle of Antietam(in which Union Army won) was freeing of slaves after Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

What impact did the so-called McClellan conspiracy have on the US Civil War?

It was an aid to US President Lincoln, John Hay who coined the phrase the "McClellan Conspiracy".This episode in the midst of the greatest war in US history, not only changed the manner in which the war would be fought but more far reaching was the way the US government might have been altered beyond its former state of recognition. It became clear to even Lincoln, that General In Chief, George B McClellan, had his own way in which the Union war effort would be and or should be conducted. McClellan placed a great deal of thought on the best way to win and then mend the nation. With that said, the unintended result of Lincoln's prize appointment, George B. McClellan, had the loyalty of his own army, the Army of the Potomac. Their loyalty, the loyalty of McClellan's hand picked team of generals quartered in Washington DC, could have fundamentally altered the US government and the US Constitution. This is not a stretch of the imagination. Even Lincoln's main source of political power, th radical republicans were dissatisfied with Lincoln's conduct of the war. Research into this will reveal that a military coup headed by the overwhelming popular military leader, General McClellan, could have succeeded. Dangers exist when any nation is in a severe state of crises. The United States was dealing with an internal struggle with a powerful force, the Confederacy. The sitting government was suspending the writ of habeas corpus without limits or challenge. The rebellion took center stage and that stage could have been the so-called John Jay McClellan conspiracy. The end of that threat in 1862, when McClellan allowed himself to be removed, allowed the war to continue under the authority of President Lincoln.