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because they dont know ......

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Q: What was the role of religion in colonial Delaware?
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Related questions

Colonial Delaware's Religion?

the colonial Delaware's religion was that you could practice any kind of religion you want!

What role did relirion play in colonial Delaware?

Delaware was never its own colony officially. It was part of the Province of Pennsylvania, where the Quaker religion was prominent.

Is there freedom of religion in Delaware colony?

Yes, there was freedom of religion in colonial Delaware.

What was the religion of colonial Delaware?

it was aylene

What was the predominent religion in Colonial Delaware?


What was the dominant religion in colonial Delaware?

The main relegion of colonian Delaware was Christianity.

What role did religion play in colonial Delaware?

Delaware was one of the Middle Colonies, and therefore was largely Protestant. However, it was much more tolerant of religious diversity than some colonies.

What was the main religion of colonial Delaware?

i think Quaker

What was the predominate religion of colonial Delaware?


Religion for Delaware?

protestant was the religion they followed in Delaware colonial timessincerelyvladmir zotav

What role did David McNair play in crossing the Delaware?

David McNair played the role of a colonial cutler in the Crossing the Delaware.

What role did women play in colonial Delaware?

Women played a big role in farming in Colonial Delaware. Women were responsible for cultivating the crops as well as tending to their own homes and families.

What type of religion did colonial Delaware follow?

Protestant Protestant

What role did religion play in the development of Delaware colony?

people had freedom of religion

How did settlers make a living in colonial Delaware?

To survive and to follow their religion on Christianity

Colonial Delaware religion?

Mayonaise and flowers is a very important factor in math

What role did children do in colonial Delaware?

Kids Studied, Went To School, And Did Chores. I Hope This Was Helpful.

Where there churches in colonial Delaware?

yes there was churches in colonial Delaware

What role did the church play in colonial Delaware's life?

The church played a huge part in the colonial Delaware's life. The reason why people during those times learned how to read was because they were obliged to read the bible.

What was the role of religion in colonial North Carolina?

the role was big because it affected how the government worked

What role did religion play in education during the colonial period?

it was the puritans

What is the predominant religion in colonial Delaware?

Protestant, however, religious tolerance was widely accepted and many religions were practiced.

Major cities in colonial Delaware?

wilmington and dover were very important in colonial delaware.

In the colonial days what did people learn in Delaware?

In the colonial days what did people earn in delaware

Did Colonial Delaware raise oranges as a crop?

Yes colonial Delaware grew oranges as a crop. Vegetables, flax, grain and cattle were also major crops in colonial Delaware.