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What was the roster of the 1967 Red Sox team?

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Click on the '1967 Boston Red Sox Roster' link on this page to see who was on the 1967 team.

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Where on line can you find Boston Red Sox team roster photos?

Who is on the Boston Red Sox 2007 roster?

Click on the '2007 Red Sox Roster' link on this page to see who is on the 2007 roster.

What team won the American league pennant in 1967?

Boston Red Sox.

Who is number 43 on the Red Sox?

Nobody on the Red Sox active roster wears # 43 in 2009.

How many pitchers do the Red Sox have on their roster?


How old are the players on the Boston Red Sox?

Click on the '2007 Red Sox Roster' link on this page to see the players and their ages on the 2007 Red Sox.

Which MLB team was the last to have a black player on their roster?

Pumpsie Green integrated the Boston Red Sox in the 1959 season.

When was Greenville Red Sox created?

Greenville Red Sox was created in 1967.

Who are all of the current Boston Red Sox players?

Currently, there are 25 players on the active roster. To see both active and inactive players on the Red Sox roster, see the related link.

Red Sox Player of the Year in 1967?

The Red Sox player of the year in 1967 was the Hall of Fame great Carl Yastrzemski.

Did the Red Sox have a pitcher named dan johns?

No one by that name shows up on the Red Sox roster or any MLB team roster.However, there was a Dan Johns that pitched in the Montreal Expos' minor league system (Gulf Coast League and New York-Pennsylvania League teams) in 1977 and 1978.

Who were the three catchers the Red Sox used in 1967?

The Boston Red Sox catchers in 1967 were Mike Ryan, Russ Gibson, and Elston Howard.

Who was the last team to sign an African American Baseball Player?

The last Major League to have an African American baseball player on its roster was the Boston Red Sox when Pumpsie Green joined the team in 1959.

How were the Boston Red Sox started?

The Red Sox were started when Charles Somers moved his Buffalo team to Boston. -----The Boston Red Sox were a charter team in the American League when it was founded in 1901. No team was moved from Buffalo to become the Red Sox, or the Americans as they were known as in 1901.

When did the Red Sox become an official MLB team?

The Red Sox were a charter team of the American League when it was founded in 1901.

Who did the cardinals beat in 1967?

Boston Red Sox

What MLB team is better Rockies or Red Sox?

The Colorado Rockies red sox

Who is the captain of the red sox team?

The catcher, Jason Varitek is the Red Sox captain.

Who was not a member of the 1918 Red Sox?

Hundreds of players were not on the Red Sox team in 1918.

In what year did the team first adopt the team name Red Sox?

The American League team in Boston was officially nicknamed the Red Sox in 1908.

Are the Red Sox a good team?


Who are the Boston Red Sox?

A team.

Are the Red Sox a great team?


What is the Boston Red Sox farm team?

A- Salem Red Sox AA- Portland Sea Dogs AAA- Pawtucket Red Sox

What are the Boston Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox are a baseball team from Boston, Massachusetts. They were the #1 team 2 yrs ago.