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Q: What was the rough size of a motte and baliey castel?
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How big is a motte and bailey castle rough size?

30 to 40

What is the rough size of a motte and bailey castle?

The motte varied in size from 50 to 120 feet high and 50-300 feet across. The tower by the motte was typically three levels high. The size of the castle depended on how much was needed to impress the population for political and military reasons.

What was the size of a motte and bailey castle?


What was the size of motte and bailey castles?

it as big to fit prositutes

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How wide was a bailey?

The size of a large courtyard. The motte could be 3-30 metres high.

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How big was a typical motte and bailey castle?

I presume a typical motte is about 50 - 300 feet in diameter, while 50-120 feet in height. A bailey was on average double the size in diameter, so that'll be 100-600. Don't rely on my answer though - I'm not a professional - I'm a Y7 student!

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Why is difficult for historians to know what motte and bailey castle looked like?

The top of the motte was flat and they could be very tall. They could range in height from 25 feet (8 metres) to over 80 feet (24 metres) in height. Mottes had very steep sides. It would have been almost impossible to climb the side of the motte, which is why they were so useful for defence. A ditch was also dug around the motte for extra protection. A keep and a wall were built at the top of the motte. Often the keep was made out of wood, but it could also be made from stone and the size varied from castle to castle. For wooden keeps, they were covered in animal skin for protection. Attackers could burn a wooden keep much more easily, so they were covered in animal hide to protect them from attack by fire. The castle is named after Norman words. Motte means a mound of “clod of earth”

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