What was the shortest time for someone to get a patent?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What was the shortest time for someone to get a patent?
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What is the shortest time someone has been asked to be a supervisor on here?

The time someone has been asked to be a Supervisor is not tracked, so there is no way of knowing.

What happens if someone does not follow the patent rules?

Depending upon which rules you mean, they could be denied a patent application, have their issued patent voided, have patented claims cancelled, be prohibited from extending their patent application to other countries, and so forth. If you refer to someone other than a patentee, failing to "follow the rules" might prevent someone from obtaining a patent on their own device, or find themselves infringing someone else's patent.

What is a patent license agreement used for?

A patent liscense agreement is used to prevent someone else from producing the product you have produced (if you have a patent liscense agreement).

Can I use someone else's idea if the patent for it is pending?

Yes, but as soon as the patent is granted, you can no longer use the idea.

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What is is a possible consequence of revealing an invention to the outside world before filing for patent protection?

Someone can steal your idea, and patent it.

What happens if a patented invention is copied by someone else?

An issued patent gives the patent holder the right to sue an infringer (either someone who affirmatively copied the invention or even someone who innocently constructed the claimed invention without knowledge of the patent) for damages (money) and an injunction (to stop infringing activity).

Where can you apply for invention patents?

If someone has invented something that they wish to patent, they will need to apply for a patent at the nearest patent office and provide details of the invention, preferably take the invention with them.