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What was the significance of the establishment of Jamestown?

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It was the first recognized colony of settlers in the New World. The first instance of the colonization of the Americas by Europeans.

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What started in 1607?

The establishment of Jamestown.

Where was Jamestown and what was the significance of it?

Jamestown was the first settlement in English culture

Of what significance is economies of scale in planning the establishment of commercial enterprise?


What is the significance about 1607?

when Jamestown was founded.

What came first the Protestant Reformation or establishment of Jamestown?

The Reformation did, it began in 1517. Jamestown was founded in 1607.

What colony was settled first?

VA with the establishment of Jamestown in 1607.

What state is the birthplace of the nation?

Virginia with the establishment of Jamestown in 1603

Significance of Jamestown?

a new world :D

What is the significance of the year 1607?

Jamestown was founded.

Explain the significance of 1607?

JamesTown Was Founded

What is the significance about Jamestown in 1619?

No one survived

What year span was colonial period?

1607 with the establishment of Jamestown to 1789 with the Constitution.

What is the major significance of the Jamestown settlement?

It was the first sucessful settlement

What is the significance of the General Assembly that met in Jamestown Virginia in 1619?

What is the significance of the general Assembly that met in james town Virginia.

Why were Jamestown and Plymouth highly important English colonies?

They were the first colonies actually succeeded in establishment.

What was the significance of the founding of Jamestown?

It was significant becasue the was the first settlement in the new country.

What was the significance of Jamestown for the early English colonies?

they were new and a strong foundation for the English

What year was Jamestown settled and what was the significance of this settlement?

PART ONE: What year was Jamestown settled?answer - The Jamestown settlement was established in 1607 as an economic venture (something done to make money)PART TWO: What was the significance of this settlement?answer - The English actually established this settlement for wealth and power. They thought that they would find gold and silver in Jamestown, and that would give them the power to do anything. However, they did not find any gold or silver in Jamestown.

What island did the English set up two failed settlements before the successful establishment of the Jamestown colony?

Roanoke Island

How did the Jamestown settlement survive?

The main purpose for the establishment of Jamestown was for commerce. They were lonely male settlers and very very few females. There were BARELY any women. The introduction of women to Jamestown helped save it. Jamestown as a settlement was also able to increase because of the cultivation of tobacco.ure your intelligence but also express it in a normalized number.

What colony was the first colony of the first 13 colonies founded?

Virginia was the first with the establishment of Jamestown in 1607 and then Mass with Plymouth in 1620.

Explain the Significance of corn and tobacco to the Jamestown colony?

Corn and tobacco had a great significant to Jamestown Colony. Tobacco grew better in the area than in England and corn fed the colonists.

What year were the 13 Colonies Established?

The year of the 13 colonies' establishment can be traced to 1607. That was the year of the first permanent settlement in Jamestown, VA.

How did the establishment of Jamestown effect globalization?

It didn't affect globalization . The idea of globalization is a modern one and in 1604 when the 104 men landed in Virigina there truly was no such thing.

What is the significance of the House of Burgesses?

The Virginia House of Burgesses, established in 1619 at Jamestown, was the first representative legislative body in the New World.

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