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The site is called Declaration House, locacted at 7th and Market Streets, Philadelphia. It had been known as Graff House as well, having been built and owned by Jacob Graff about a year before Jefferson wrote the draft.

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Q: What was the site of the writing of the Declaration Of Independence called?
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Where is the site where the Declaration of independence and the constitution were written?


Is the site where the declaration of independence and the constitution were written?


Why is Pennsylvania's motto virtue liberty and independence?

Pennsylvania was the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Why are the thirteen colonies called the thirteen colonies?

There's good information on this site:

What city is the largest in Pennsylvania and the site of the the Declaration of Independence?

Philadelphia, PA was the site of the Second Continental Congress (1775-1781) and the signing of the Declaration in 1776.

Where can you find a clear readable version of the declaration of independence online?

There are many readable copies of the Declaration of Independence online, for anyone to view. It can be found by going to google, and searching "Declaration of Independence" and then go to the Wikipedia site, it tells everything about this.Ê

What is the cause of congress approves the declaration of independence?

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When was the Declaration of Independence sent out?

It was formally signed on August 2, 1776, with some members adding their names after that date.You may want to look at this site. Theres alot of information on the Declaration of Independence.

According to the Declaration of Independence what unalienable rights are self evidence?

Personal security, the right of personal liberty, and the right to acquire and enjoy property. A site dedicated to the US Declaration of Independence can be viewed in the related links.

How do you cite the Declaration of Independence in APA format?

Assuming you get the document online, cite in text the author last name, if available, or web site name and year; example: The Declaration of independence (as cited in Storm, 2009) states....... In references, cite as follows: Storm, Z. (2009, January 10). The Declaration of Independence. Retrieved July 13, 2009, from

Where can I read a copy of the Declaration of Independence?

There are many places to view and read the Declaration of Independence. This government site has a lot of information about the Declaration, you can view the original, read it, and even download the Declaration. http:// Wikipedia also has a site to read the Declaration and its history. Most US Government text books and American History text books also have copies of the Declaration, the Constitution, and other documents dealing with US history.

How many people visit Independence Hall?

In 2005, Philadelphia's Independence Hall received approximately 645,564 visitors. This can be considered an average number of annual visitors. The United State's Independence Hall is historically valuable as the site where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the site of the Second Continental Congress. This place was also designated a World Heritage Site.

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