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The game is Gears of War, and the song is Gary Jules cover of Mad World.

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What Destiny's Child song was TI featured on?


Who was the only confederate soldier to be pictured on confederacy currency?

There was no confederate soldier ever pictured on confederacy currency. General George Washington was featured on one of the bank notes that was in circulation.

What was Rutherford B. Hayes' favorite hobbies or sports?

being a soldier, shooting, and driving

Does anyone remember a Folgers commercial where a soldier comes home?

South Africa

What is the song in the target commercial running the 2012 Olympics?

soldier by ingrid michaelson!

Why does vladek continue to shoot at a soldier who holds up a hand in surrender?

Vladek kept shooting, because heres his own words, "But i kept shooting and shooting. until finally the tree stopped moving. Who knows: otherwise he could have shot me!" Page 48 in Book 1 Maus

What booster pack has black luster soldier?

None, Black Luster Soldier was a card featured in the Yugi Revolution Starter Deck years ago. You can find it on many online market sites (ebay, amazon etc.) If you mean Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, that was featured in Invasion of Chaos originally and can now be found in the Gold Series 4 packs, and also the Legendary Collection 2 (However BLS - Envoy of the Beginning is Forbidden in Traditional Format).

What was the average life span of an infantry soldier?

his life span is as long as is clip because once he stops shooting hes a dead man

What did a soldier in the trenches hear?

yelling, explosions, screams of casualties, moaning, guns shooting, shells clinking mortar explodid tanks treading.

When A soldier shooting at a target hits it 40 percent of the time how many times must he shoot in order to register 100 hits?

250 shots

What is the song used in the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier commercial?

Stop a Bullet by Black Light Burns

Why did Boston massacre happen?

A group of colonist civilians surrounded nine British soldiers and started thowing things at them. One soldier paniked and shot into the crowd, the rest started shooting as well. After the shooting stopped, five colonists were killed and six were wounded.

Soldier front best gun?

the best gun in soldier front is the psg-1 and the g3a3. g3a3 has good acuracy and recoil and is a fun gun to use and the psg-1s aimer drops down fster than any other sniper after shooting.

How can you use formation in a sentence?

Get back into formation, soldier! Volcanic activity is central to the formation of new islands in the Hawaiian chain.

Why is the setting important in the story Shooting An Elephant?

The setting of the story is Burma where a British soldier is forced to kill an elephant. It is important because of the social implications of the act and what it symbolizes.

What kind of game is Call of Duty 2?

Call of Duty 2 is a shooting game where there are 4 different soldiers fighting during World War II. One soldier is on the Red Army, 2 soldiers in the US Army and 1 soldier in the British Army.

Is there a shooting game where you can make your own soldier?

Rainbow six Vegas 2 and the best part is that you will not be confused if you don't play the first one as it is a parallel story. Hope this helped.

Boston massacre 1770?

The Boston Massacre 1770 five Boston colonists died on Mar 5 1770 when a colonists shouted '' Fire'' and British soldier started shooting

How does a soldier use math in there job?

Usually they wouldn't, being a soldier is about doing dirty work with weapons, and doing long marches. Not much math involved with just shooting people. However, officers may definitely use math, they have to organize their forts and sometimes decide where to attack.

When did Soldier Soldier end?

Soldier Soldier ended in 1997.

When was Soldier Soldier created?

Soldier Soldier was created in 1991.

Did Maria get killed in Shadow the Hedgehog?

Yes, she died right after sending Shadow's escape pod to earth due to a GUN soldier shooting her, the bullet's location has never been specified.

How do you destroy the toy soldier in the 102 Dalmatians Puppies To The Rescue game by Disney?

Basically just jump around the toy and when you get close enough he will stop shooting and start running away from you.

What movie and television projects has Doraid Liddawi been in?

Doraid Liddawi has: Played IDF Soldier in "The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall" in 2008. Played Ramalla IDF officer in "The Time that Remains" in 2009. Played Young man in "Burtuqal" in 2009. Performed in "A Trip to Jaffa" in 2010. Played Samir in "Miral" in 2010. Played Syrian Soldier in "Zaytoun" in 2012. Played Soldier in "Omar" in 2013.

What kind of hobby would a soldier have?

Could be anything- photography, travel, target shooting and martial arts spring instantly to mind. They are usually normal people, so will have a whole range of hobbies.

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