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What was the song for SummerSlam 2006?

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It was Godsmack singing the song called the enemy and the teddybears singing the song Cobrastyle.

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What are the release dates for Summerslam - 2006 TV?

Summerslam - 2006 TV was released on: USA: 27 August 2006

What is the song on the Summerslam 2007 DVD?

The song on the summerslam 2007 DVD is Whine Up,Which is performed by Kat de Luna

What are the ratings and certificates for Summerslam - 2006 TV?

Summerslam - 2006 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA USA:TV-14

What is the theme song WWE summerslam 2010?

The theme song for WWE Summerslam is "Rip it up" by Jet, whose album is on sale now.

What was the theme song from wwe summerslam 2007?

"Whine Up"

What was the theme song from WWE summerslam 2009?

You gotta move by areosmith

What is WWE SummerSlam 2010 theme song?

"Rip It Up" by Jet.

When is WWE Summer Slam 2006?

The 2006 SummerSlam will be held on August 27, 2006 at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

What is summerslams song?

The 2008 Summerslam was Ready to roll by Jet Black Stare

What was WWE SummerSlam 2008's theme song?

Jet Black Stare - "Ready To Roll"

Who sang the summerslam theam for 2008?

The theme song was "Ready to Roll" sung by Jet Black Stare

What will Triple H do at summerslam?

he was not at summerslam 2010. bummer.

Is Survivor Series after SummerSlam?

As of 2015, Night of Champions is after SummerSlam.

What is the name of the theme song used in the Brock vs. Rock training clip for Summerslam 2002?

when they were in the toilet shiting

Will the boogeyman return by the time summerslam is here?

no the boogeyman will not return before summerslam

What happened to Edge after SummerSlam 2008?

Undertaker feuded with "La Familia" after SummerSlam 2008.

Who will mark Henry face at summerslam?

Mark Henry will face Matt Hardy at SummerSlam.

WWE SummerSlam date for 2008?

The date of SummerSlam 2008 is August 17th, 2008.

Who did the undertaker put through a limo in early 2000s?

The Undertaker put John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) through the limo at Summerslam 2006

How do you know Goldberg is returningto wwe at summerslam?

he is not only the undertaker will return at summerslam no one else.

When is summerslam WWE going to start?

Summerslam is a pay per view as the 2010 has already been.

What are the release dates for SummerSlam - 2010?

SummerSlam - 2010 was released on: USA: August 2010

Who wins the intercontinental championship at summerslam 2009?

Now(August 23,2009) is the summerslam 2009,,, so the summerslam 2009 is not yet released in the Internet.........But I will come back here to improve my answer after I watch the summerslam 2009.............................. ReY Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler....Right????????

Will the summerslam antholigy contain chris benoits matches?

Of course it will, because Chris Benoit has wrestled at SummerSlam.

Who is the WWE champion now after summerslam 2010?

If you mean who was the wwe champion at the end of summerslam 2010 then Sheamus.

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