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Robert Ritchie, also known as Kid Rock, is a Michigan born musician. He has been active in many types of music, but tends to stay mostly within the rock genre.

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Kid Rock

Does kid rock have a girlfriend?

No, according to my mates

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Kid Rock

What percentage of homeschooled kids go to college?

College Bound Homeshoolers

There are a few problems to answering your question - one is the fact that no one actually knows how many homeschoolers are out there. There are estimates ranging between 1 and 2 million, but these are estimates only.

Another problem is the fact that no one actually knows how many college students were homeschooled. Many homeschoolers attend some High school to have transcripts and avoid questions. Others list their home school as a private school - actually they are forced to be listed as private schools in many states by law. Still others attend Junior college concurrently with homeschooling - just as some state funded highschoolers do. This gives them college transcripts. Many Universities will take college transcripts without asking for high school transcripts if they have enough (often equivalent to a year's worth or even a semester's in some cases).

A third problem is there is a small (but growing) segment within homeschoolers that homeschool college.

A fairer question would be "what percentage of homeschoolers who apply to a college are accepted"?

As I understand it. In many schools including Ivy League Universities, Homeschoolers are actually more likely to be accepted than Public Schoolers. They tend to have higher test scores, they tend to have more extracurricular activities, and finally, they tend to have fewer problems with transcripts :)

Here is more input from Wiki s contributors:

  • I can only answer from our experience. Our son was homeschooled until High School. He was a year ahead of his age and continued that way through H.S. He is now in college with a 3.9 GPA.
  • I am from Oklahoma and was homeschooled from Kindergarten through Highschool. I am now 20 credits away from receiving my Associates degree. My brother applied to the OU and when he told them that he was homeschooled, they said "We find that homeschoolers do better in college courses. In fact, 30% of our applicants are homeschoolers." Administrations went on to say that they are more inclined to accept homseschoolers.
  • A relatively high percentage of home schoolers attend college when compared with the total High School Population. When compared with traditional schools academic honors classes, however, the comparison is significantly less. About 60% of home schoolers go to college when over 90% of honors graduates go to college.
  • This seems like a closer 1:1 comparison when you consider that "honors" classes in the modern venacular simply refers to students that are not in remedial classes and parents are at least moderately involved.
  • [I would like to say to the person above, "honors" may mean just that in a public school in middle America, however in private schools on the east coast honors means the same thing as ap in most mid. American high schools.]
  • Although most institutions agree that home schoolers are academically prepared for college level work, those in higher education seem to also agree that home schoolers are less likely to adapt to the structure of higher education which could explain the lower attendance level.
  • Of course, this is just an assumption that they are making, for almost no research has been done on homeschoolers. A previous version of this answer said that sending kids to high school and getting involved with them is the best way to guarantee their success in college. That statement is incorrect. Statistically, it seems to be the best way to guarantee that they will go to college. Attendance and success are far from the same thing.
  • Until more research is done into this topic, the success issue will have to remain an open question.
Kid Rock

What is kid rock favorite color?

im pretty sure its lavender

Kid Rock

Does kid rock have a brother?


Kid Rock

Who sings Hey kid rock and roll?

Def Leppard re did this song as well as as Michael Damian in the 80's....but the original singer is David Essex. He wrote and sang the song which was first released in 1973. i think the songs called "rock on "

Kid Rock

What school did kid rock go to?

He went to Romeo Community School in Romeo.

Kid Rock

What is Kid Rock's address in Clarkston Michigan?

13609 s sunset blvd ortonville, Michigan

Kid Rock

Who is kid rocks present girlfriend?

Kid Rock is dating Grace Olney.

Kid Rock

Was kid rock all summer long filmed in lake norman?

No, the music video was filmed at Old Hickory Lake in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Kid Rock

How much is a 1966 World Cup Willie money box worth?

Depends how much money is in there! If in good condition �40 to �75 Regards Mr 'D'

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Kid Rock

What are the lyrics to the Canon tune from daydreams and lullabies classical kids?

Possibly this is the Canon by Pachelbel, in which case it has no lyrics as originally written.

Kid Rock

Is Kid Rock dating cheryl crow?

They used to. Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow are doing a concert tour for summer 2011. But that's not dating right?

Kid Rock

Did Allison krause ever record a duet with kid rock?


Kid Rock

How tall is Kid Rock?

Kid Rock states that he is 6'1'' in the lyrics to Rock 'n' Roll Pain Train.

Kid Rock

Why does light refract?

Because light travels at different velocities, and various colors of light also travel at different speeds in optical media.

Kid Rock

Is Kid Rock Hank Williams Jr. Son?

No, Kid Rock and Hank Williams are NOT related in any way. They are, however, good friends.

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Where is kool rock ski jail?

Kool Rock Ski Jail does not exist. Damon "Kool Rock-Ski" Wimbley was a member of the hip-hop trio, The Fat Boys. The Fat Boys released a song in the mid-80's titled "Jail House Rap".

Kid Rock

Where is Kid Rock now?

Michigan, around the Detroit area as of yesterday

Kid Rock

What did Joseph Calleja from kid rock do?

he was a hype man,friend to kid rock[wikipedia]

(November 9, 1974 - November 16, 2000)

In November 1999, Calleja was forced to leave the tours with Kid Rock, only appearing in a few programs from this issue. On November 16, 2000, one week after his 26th birthday, Calleja died while he was sleeping at home, his parents' house in Taylor, Michigan. A solo album was lined up before his death.

r.i.p joe

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Stanley eisen is the real name of what rock and roller?


Kid Rock

How much does kid rock weigh?

180 lbs.

Kid Rock

When did kid rock have a concert in Erie pa?

The summer of 2002, in support of the "Cocky" CD. He played the Erie Civic Center and was totally awesome!

Kid Rock

Is Kid Rock or Tommy Lee worth more?

Kid Rock because hes always all over the news and making billions with his cds and singles.

Kid Rock

Who is the centerfold model in the October 2007 issue of rolling stone with kid rock?


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ALYSSA LIPSKY a model/realtor from Arizona and New York City. She is known as a "wild child" and also went on tour with him after the shoot.

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Who are Bret Michael's kids?

Bret has two daughters: Raine Elizabeth Sychak and Jorja Bleu Sychak


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