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To fight their hardest and never give up even though the North had better advantage.

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What was the Souths Plan going into the Civil War?

the souths plan was for to wait till the north gave up or got tired like fort Sumter

What was the south's war strategy during the Civil War?

The souths plan to win the war was to repel the attacks instead of invading the North.

What were the 2 parts of the souths war plan?

Invade the North. Thereby gain international recognition and military aid.

How did the confederacy plan on winning the civil war?


What is the name given for Northern plan of strategy for winning the war?

They called it The Anaconda Plan.

A long range plan for winning a battle or war?

Strategy .

What was the confederacy plan for winning the war?

To count on the North becoming war-weary and voting out Lincoln.

Who side was America on in the Vietnam war?

The souths.

What was the souths advantages in the war?

Military leadership

What was general lees plan for winning the war?

To invade Maryland, and bring it into the Confederacy.

What were the first US plan for winning the war against Japan?

bombing nagsaucka and hermsionme

What was Romania's plan for winning world war 2?

they had alot of support from other countries

What was the basis of the souths economy after the civil war?


What was the first U.S. plan for winning the war against Japan?

Please be more specific; such as which war, what year, etc...".

At the start of the war what was the Souths basic strategy?

Cook methamphetamine.

Who was the Souths president duing civil war?

Jefferson Davis

How did the civil war affect the souths economy?

because it just did

What was the south's biggest disadvantage in the Civil War?

What was the souths biggest advantage in the Civil War?

What was Lincoln's 4 point plan for the North winning the war?

first he would die, then eat my soul

What was the Confederates plan for winning the war?

Fight off union attacks intil they could survive as a union

What was the Souths people like before the civil war?

Many before and after the war were white supremacists.

Who was the souths' general during the civil war?

Stonewall Jackson

Who was the souths greatest general during the Civil War?

general lee

what battle was the turning point of the war after which the Souths fortunes declined?


What was the souths strategies for winning the civil war?

The South's strategy in the Civil War was to defeat the Union armies and prevent them from invading and occupying the Southern states. By defeating the Union armies, the South hoped to wear down the North's will to fight and force them to sue for peace.

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