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The souths main goal of the civil war was to?

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to recognition that they are their own "country" that is the main purpose why the south started the civil war

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What was the souths main goal at the start of the civil war?

To gain official recognition as a sovereign nation. They could claim that they didn't want a war.

What was the North's main goal in the civil war when it began?

when the civil war began, what was the main goal of the union (the north)

What was the south's biggest disadvantage in the Civil War?

What was the souths biggest advantage in the Civil War?

What was the main goal for the south in the civil war?

To keep slavery legal was their goal.

What was lincoln' s major goal during civil war?

His main goal was to win the Civil War and maintain the federal union .

What was the main goal for the north at the start of the civil war?

At the beginning of the Civil War the northern goal was simply to restore the Union at all costs. Slavery became the main issue in the following years of the war but the goal at the start was to save the Union!

When the civil war began Abraham Lincoln's main goal was?

his original main goal was the restore the union. he freed the slaves in about the middle of the war.

What was Abraham Lincoln's main goal when the civil war broke out?

President Lincoln's main goal was to reunite the union.

What was the main goal of south in the civil war?

The South's main aim was to win the civil war, and so continue to live their lives as they had done before the war.

What was the main goal of the Union in the US Civil War?

The main goal of the United States was to bring the Confederacy back into the Union.

What was the main goal of the north before the civil war?

There main goal in the beginning was not to end slavery but to reunite as one country.

What was Lincoln's main goal in the Civil War?

The initial war objective was to preserve the union.

What was the Souths people like before the civil war?

Many before and after the war were white supremacists.

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