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she did a graduation speech.


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It took place in Twilight Saga Eclipse which was awesome by the way. I believe it took place mostly in the mountains at the end but it was totally awesome.

Helen and her English friend Phyllis took a trip together.

The word took is an irregular verb. It is the past tense of take.

The bells rang without warning. They were originally bells to summon servants. As there were no other people in the house then the bells should have been silent. In addition when Scrooge took over Marleys home he made offices out of part of the rooms and kept some for himself. This was his appartment. The means that the bells were now no longer in use. The use of the bells wa to raise a sense of menace within the story

It took Jacob Black about a week or so to recover, or heal, from his accident in Eclipse.

it took 2 months and 10 days

Took is the past tense form of the verb to take.

The last total eclipse took place on July 21st 2009. The next will take place July 11th 2010.

The "Bells of St. Mary's," was nominated for 6 Academy Awards in 1945. However, the movie only took 1 Oscar home, and that was for, "Best Sound Recording."

His biggest speech took place in Phnom Penh, on September 29 1977.

May belle because in church she heard the bells and so the hung them up in Terabithia.

* The speech was only 2 minutes long, while the main speech at the dedication took two hours.

It took place on August 28 1963.

Dr. King gave the speech in Washington D.C.

The speech took place at the 1963 Washington D.C. Civil Rights March

Nothing, unless you mean 'took' as in kidnapped in which case you should inform the police.

Henry's friend took the confederate flag from the rebel holders during the charge.

Yes but eclipse was such a complicated film with all the fight scene's and wolves plus they had to fit in a bit of Bree Tanners so it took them slightly longer.

Then you tell your friend how you feel about this and then tell the boy that your friend is going out with someone and give him a snog.

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