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What was the strategy of the Allies in the European theater?



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In the broadest sense, the grand strategy was to crack Germany like a nut in a vise between the Allied forces (primarily U.S., Canadian and British) breaking out of the Normandy beachhead in June, 1944 and fighting eastward, and the Soviet Red Army and its allies fighting their way westward from the east. By 1944 there couldn't have been many German military thinkers who didn't see this coming a long way off (some of them tried to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944 so they could try to sue for peace and stave off unconditional surrender, but they failed and hundreds were murdered because of it). If the July 20 plot had not failed, the war in Europe might have ended almost a year earlier. Yet once the plot failed, the remaining officers considered it their bound duty to keep fighting as long as Hitler was alive, whether it made any sense or not.