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What was the strategy of the Allies in the European theater?

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In the broadest sense, the grand strategy was to crack Germany like a nut in a vise between the Allied forces (primarily U.S., Canadian and British) breaking out of the Normandy beachhead in June, 1944 and fighting eastward, and the Soviet Red Army and its allies fighting their way westward from the east. By 1944 there couldn't have been many German military thinkers who didn't see this coming a long way off (some of them tried to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944 so they could try to sue for peace and stave off unconditional surrender, but they failed and hundreds were murdered because of it). If the July 20 plot had not failed, the war in Europe might have ended almost a year earlier. Yet once the plot failed, the remaining officers considered it their bound duty to keep fighting as long as Hitler was alive, whether it made any sense or not.

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What was the strategy of the allies in the pacific theater?

they would do for many reasons becuasae they are free to fight

Did the Allies focus on the European Theater of Operations?

It took priority over the Pacific.

Did the Allies focus on the Pacific Theater of Operations?

No, they agreed that the European part of WWII had priority.

What is the different between the pacific theater and the European theater?

in the European theater we fought the Germans in the pacific theater we fought the Japanese

What events happened in the European theater?

Major battles between the Axis Powers and the Allies were fought in the Eastern Theater. Key battles included the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, D-Day Invasion in 1944, and VE Day when Germany surrendered to the United States and the Allies.

What was the main purpose of d-day in the European theater for allies?

The main purpose of d-day was for the Allies to gain a foothold on the shore of Europe in the fight against Hitler's Nazis Germany.

Can you Give two examples of how the fighting in the Pacific Theater was different than the fighting in the European Theater?

2. In Europe, the U.S. was fighting more than one country and had more Allies that they could rely on.

Did the US participate in ALL of the theatres of war during World War 2?

The US participated in both the European Theater and Pacific Theater of World War 2 and with the cooperation of the Allies they were victorious in both theaters.

What was the strategy for containment in World War 2?

If you mean by 'what was the Allies strategy to beat Germany'? Their strategy was to push Germany to the center (Berlin) where the Allies can close in on the Germans and wipe them out. Hope this helped!

What advantage did the allies have in confronting Germany Italy and japan?

the allies had a coordinating strategy for victory

What are the similarities fighting in the pacific theater and the European theater?


How did the war in Germany end during World War 2?

World War 2 in the European Theater ended after the occupation of Germany by the allies (Britain and America) and Russia.

Who were the European allies in World War 1?

The European allies which fought against Napoleon were: The British, Germans, Prussians and the Russians.

Who was the US fighting in the pacific theater?

In the Pacific Theater of Operations, America and its allies fought the Empire of Japan.

What was the US strategy in fighting Germany and Japan at the same time during World War 2?

I believe part of the strategy was to use the US Navy and Marines in the Pacific Theater and to a lesser degree the US Navy and Merchant Marines, and the US Army in the European Theater. Most of the Pacific fighting was the so-called "island hopping" technique.

What was the US strategy in the early period of the Cold War for dealing with the Soviet Union and its allies?

containment strategy

Who where the European allies of the patriots?


What were the 2 Theaters of World War 2?

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

What strategy did the allies use in fighting in the pacific?

Island Hopping

What places were invaded by the allies in 1943?

Answer EUROPEAN THEATER Anzio, Italy 22 Jan 1943 Sicily 26 July 1943 Messina & southern tip of Italy 5 Sept 1943 Salerno, Italy 9 Sept 1943 PACIFIC THEATER

When did Hebrew theatre start?

There is no tradition among Jews of Hebrew theater. There is a tradition among European Jews of Yiddish theater, but that is completely unrelated.There is no tradition among Jews of Hebrew theater. There is a tradition among European Jews of Yiddish theater, but that is completely unrelated.

What was the Europe First strategy?

During World War II, the 'Europe First' strategy of the Allies was the simple commitment to concentrating superior force against Hitlerite Germany before focusing on any all-out effort against Japan in the Pacific Theater. In practical effect, this strategy led to a successful conclusion of the European Theater's conflict early in 1945; however, American forces had even before this time begun successful offensives against Japan that would result in final victory only a few months later.

What was the U.S. strategy in the early period of the Cold War for dealing with the Soviet Union and its allies?

Containment Strategy

Why did the Allies decided to pursue a Europe First strategy?

Was to take europe and defeated in order to weaken germany an its allies

Who was the allied commander in the European theater?

Dwight Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the European Theater during World War 2.