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Q: What was the style of art in the ziggurat?
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What is the art style of Venus of willendorf?

I believe it is a style of Mesopotamian art.

A style which emerged in the late 1960s was called P art?

This style of art was Pop Art.

What were the contribution to the world of art of the people in the mesopotamian region specially the sumerian?

Their contributions was the Ziggurat

What style of art are Annie lee's paintings?

style use for art paintings

What is the art style of Christo Claude?

Christo is involved in the "wrapping" art style

What is rococo art?

The rococo style of art emerged in France in early 18th century as the continuation of baroque style. it is also the style of art especially architecture and decorative art.


Art in a style that is distinctly Japanese with long flowing strokes of nature

What period or style of art that starts with A?

Art Deco is a style of art that was popular in the 1930 s and 1940s. It begins with the letter a.

What is another popular art style besides manga?

Manga is isn't just one art style, but the next most popular art style group would probably be Superhero Comicbook style.

What is the name of klimts style of art?

Klimt is most famous for painting in the Art Nouveau style.

What style of art did Roy Lichtenstein do?

pop art.

How does art express who you are?

the style of the art often reflects you

What is Keith haring style of art?

pop art

What is the Baroque style of art?

Complex Renaissance art.

What is andy warhols style of art?


What style of art was Rousseau known for?

Naive art.

What style of art that a artist is known for?

Pop art

What was Keith haring's style of art?

pop art

When was the first ziggurat found?


Why is Asian art a functional art?

art embody traditional art style.......... hahaha

What was the art style during the What was the type or style of art during the Da Vinci period?

Realistic and impressionism

What matierials did they use for art deco jewelry and why?

art deco is a style of architecture not a clothing and jewelry style.

What is a style of fauvism art mixed with sculpting?

Hippie style

Is animation a style of art?

It's a form, but maybe not a style

What style of art is Augustus associated with?

Classical Roman art.