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Q: What was the technique Cezanne use to draw?
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What technique did Paul Cezanne use that inspired later modern movements?

Multiple Perspective

Why did paul cezanne like to draw fruit in his paintings?

he liked fruit.

What type of style does Paul Cezanne use?

Paul cezanne is a post imoressionist

What technique does William Golding use to draw the reader into the story?

Golding uses sensory detail.

How do you draw swim?

Draw like squiggly lines and then draw a person doing a technique.

Unusual artists that paint or draw still life fruit?

Paul Cezanne although he is not unusual.

What objects did Paul Cezanne draw?

he used bottles, cup and others he loved to paint in black.

What colours did Cezanne use frequently?


What did many of Paul Cezanne's compositions rely on?

Paul Cezanne's compositions relied on the use of basic shapes.

When did Paul Cezanne draw still life with apples?

He painted it in 1890 but does anyone know how long it took him??

Did Cezanne draw pictures before the masterpiece 'Basket of Apples'?

He certainly did, drew and painted (not the same things).

What is the technique you use when creating a blind contour drawing?

There really is no technique when drawing blind, because you can't see what you draw. The only technique is the one you've mentioned (contour line drawing, which means not including shading).

What year did Paul Cezanne draw 'Still Life Drapery Pitcher and Fruit Bowl'?

In 1893 or 94. Please note: You do nat DRAW paintings, you PAINT them.

What art skills did paul cezanne use?


Why did Cezanne use apples in his paintings?

He liked their looks.

What paints did Paul Cezanne use?

Ordinary oil paints.

What paint did Cezanne use?

Oil paint bought in tubes.

What kind of art media did Paul Cezanne use?


What did Paul Cezanne like to draw most?

His favorite subject was Mt Ste-Victoire. And paintings should not be called drawings.

Which staement best describe cezanne's use of perspective's?

Cezanne uses a non-traditional use of perspective. This entails focusing on objects as a group, rather than as individual objects.

What type of writing technique did Charles dickens use?

He used a very detailed technique that would inform you about his writings. In his novels he also uses a big number of characters and pages to draw readers attention.

What is Cezanne famous for?

Paul Cezanne was a painter.

What media did Paul Cezanne use?

oil paint on canvas or wood

What did Paul Cezanne use to make his paintings?

Oil paint on canvas.

What type of paper did Paul Cezanne use to paint on?

On canvas, not on paper.