Paul Cezanne

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919) was a French artist and the leading painter during the Impressionism movement. Renoir was a celebrator of beauty and particularly feminine sensuality. Two of his paintings have sold for over US$70 million, with Bal au moulin de la Galette selling for US$78.1 million.

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Paul Cezanne

Where did Paul Cezanne travel?

Paul Cezanne

Whom did artist Paul Cezanne teach to say Cezanne est un grand peintre?

His parrot

Paul Cezanne

What did many of Paul Cezanne's compositions rely on?

Paul Cezanne's compositions relied on the use of basic shapes.

Paul Cezanne

How long ago did Paul Cezanne live?

It was 171 years ago.

He was born on 1839.


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Paul Cezanne

What did Paul Cezanne's father want him to do?

He wanted him to study law but.

Paul Cezanne

What happened in 1895 that brought success to cizanne?

Um i am not too sure who cizanne is

but if you are asking about paul cezanne then check your question before you submit it and i still don't know the answer even if you are talking about paul cezanne

but i know he was a french post impressionist artist that built a bridge between 19th century and 20th century art. he was born in aix-de-provence in france and his father was a banker. his father did not approve of his passion for art and when cezanne decided to go to paris to study art he only gave his son a small amount of money to live off.

Paul Cezanne

What is the name of Paul Cézanne's parents?

Anne-Elisabeth-Honorine Auburt.

Paul Cezanne

What day did Paul Cezanne die?

Monday October 22, 1906

Paul Cezanne

What was Paul Cezanne's favourite color?

A professional artist does not have ONE favorite color.

Paul Cezanne

What is Paul Cezanne's middle name?

He did not have one.
He didn't have one.

Paul Cezanne

What age did Cezanne become famous?

In his fifties.

Paul Cezanne

When and where was Paul Cézanne born?

Paul Cézanne was born in Aix-en-Provence, France on January 19, 1839 and died in October 1906.

Paul Cezanne

What was Paul Cezanne's goal?

In his own words: "I want to make of impressionism something solid and lasting like the art in the museums".

Paul Cezanne

Who is Paul Cezanne?

French post-impressionist painter (1839-1906).

Cézanne developed himself during the years. In his early years he was rather wild and painted very emotional paintings. It was Pissaro the most impressionist landscape painter who guided him for years; together they painted a lot of times plain air and in that period Cézanne started to use more solid colored forms in his works, as his reaction to the very loose way of impressionist painting with all the color dots working together, to make the total visual impression.

Cézanne himself formulated his goal as inventing a new classical painting art. He admired the old classical painters as Poussin or Chardin.

He was the first painter who analyzed the landscape in structures, to rebuild this in his paintings on the canvas.

He later inspired notable artists such as Picasso and Braque circa 1908-1910 when they invented Cubism, and Matisse.

Two quotes of Cézanne which illustrate his attitude to the old masters and to landscape painting he wanted to realize:


Everybody is going crazy over the Impressionists; what art needs is a Poussin (French classical artist) made over according to nature. There you have it in a nutshell."

from a conversation in Aix, in the studio of Cézanne in 1896; as quoted in "Cézanne", by Ambroise Vollard, Dover publications Inc. New York, 1984, p. 67

"...painting certainly means more to me than everything else in the world. I think my mind becomes clearer when I am in the presence of nature. Unfortunately, the realization of my sensations is always a very painful process with me. I can't seem to express the intensity which beats in upon my senses. I haven't at my command the magnificent richness of color which enlivens Nature.... ...Look at that cloud; I should like to be able to paint that! Monet could. He had muscle." f

rom a conversation, in Aix near the river, in 1896; as quoted in "Cézanne", by Ambroise Vollard, Dover publications Inc. New York, 1984, p. 74

Paul Cezanne

What are the three main subject matters in Paul Cezanne's work?

Paul Cezanne isn't even a real person so, he has no main subjects in his work!

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Paul Cezanne

What techniques did Paul Cézanne use that would inspire later modern art movements?

multiple perspective

Paul Cezanne

What art movement did Cezanne belong to?


Paul Cezanne

What was Paul Cezanne conflict with his father?

no idea

Paul Cezanne

What year did Paul Cezanne draw 'Still Life Drapery Pitcher and Fruit Bowl'?

In 1893 or 94.

Please note:

You do nat DRAW paintings, you PAINT them.

Paul Cezanne

Which museums have Paul Cezanne's work?

Practically all museums that exhibit modern art.

Paul Cezanne

What is paul cezanne fathers name?

his name was Louis-Auguste Cezanne

Paul Cezanne

What type of Brushstrokes did Paul Cezanne use?

Sum1 needs to answer this coz i hav no idea

New Testament
Paul Cezanne
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Who is Paul referring to sons of disobedience?

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Thus Paul is clearly contrasting the old life under sin with the new life in Christ. The disobedience referred to means disobedience to the word and will of God. The Greek word apeitheia means literally 'the condition of being unpersuadable' and as such it denotes obstinacy and obstinate rejection of God's will. The terms 'sons of' was used to denote key characteristics of people, hence the sons of Zebedee were called 'sons of thunder' presumably because they were either loud or aggressive types (this is borne out by their desire to call the fire of God down on the Samaritans).

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Paul Cezanne

What are the names of Paul Cezanne's family?

His father, Louis-Auguste Cézanne, his mother Anne-Elisabeth Honorine Aubert.


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