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What was the total cost of the Hoover Dam?


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As approved by Congress in the Boulder Canyon Project Act, $165,000,000 was authorized to complete the Boulder Canyon Project which includes the Imperial Dam, Hoover Dam and the American Canal. The Hoover Dam portion was $49,000,000. You can also visit this website for more info:



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The cost of building Hoover Dam was $49 million.

it costs 10$ to tour hoover dam

16,000 people built the hoover dam and it was ONLY men, no women

Hoover Dam boarders Nevada and Arizona was named after President Herbert Hoover.

the answer was 20 million dollars.

A nickname for the Hoover Dam is Boulder Dam.

The Hoover Dam dams the Colorado River

Hoover Dam (also known as Boulder Dam) is the famous dam named after president Hoover

Hoover Dam was originally called Boulder Dam.

Hoover dam opened in 1920

There is no Hoover Dam Library.

Hoover Dam was built by people.

Original name of Hoover Dam was Boulder Dam.

YES. Franklin Roosevelt changed the name of Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam, to honor Mr. Hoover.

The Hoover Dam is made out of concrete and iron.

the hoover dam is 726.4 feet high

Hoover Dam was finished in 1935.~Calli

The Hoover dam is rectangular and convex(bends out)

The US Government built Hoover Dam.

The hoover dam is 18 feet thick.

Not positive, but I believe that the total cost of the Bonneville Dam was $88.4 million.

When the dam was in its planning stages, in 1930, Herbert Hoover was President. It was then in 1930 that Secretary Ickes stated publicly that Hoover Dam was to be built, noting that naming a dam after a president was appropriate. In 1933, when Hoover was not re-elected, the name was reverted to Boulder Dam. It remained Bould Dam until 1947, when an act of Congress officially re-named the dam Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam was originally known as "Boulder Dam."

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