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Although the actual number of all aircraft may not be accurate, it might be easier to break it down by type of aircraft. For instance over 12,731 B-17s of all variants were produced from 1937-1945. Total US aircraft losses exceeded 45,000 aircraft. Also, check here:, specifically the chart fourth to the bottom.

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What the jet aircraft used in World War 1?

No jet aircraft were used in WW1.

What was first used in World War 1?

Aircraft in a military role, tanks. Any number of things.

When and where was the airplane used first during the World War 1?

Both sides used aircraft, early in the war, as reconnaissance. When the war started each side had a small number of aircraft on hand, so they were used almost from the beginning.

Was platinum used on world war 2 aircraft?

No, it was not.

When were the first combat aircraft used?

The first combat aircraft were used in World War 1 over the battlefields of northern France and Belgium.

What was used to detect enemy aircraft in World War 2?

Subliminal training by used aircraft photos and flash them under one second

What was the aircraft used for World War 1?

Originally reconnaissance.

New technologys used in world war 2?

Radar, Jet Aircraft, Rocket Aircraft, Ballistic Missiles.

What are Jet planes used for?

as in fighter aircraft. They are used for training for a world war and airshows.

What is the frequent transportation used from any part of the world to get to London?


When was aircraft used in World War 1?

Aircraft were used all through WW1. Both sides started off with unarmed spotter aircraft for ranging artillery and soon progressed to genuine fighters and eventually bombers.

What is the world largest cammericial air craft?

The largest aircraft is the Antonov an225 the largest aircraft that is used to transport passengers is the Airbus A380

Total countries in the world?

Unfortunately, the number 192 is too often used to represent the number of countries in the world. Although this number represents almost all of the countries in the world, there are still two recognized independent countries, the Vatican City and Kosovo, that are independent and are not members of the U.N. so 192 is not the number of countries in the world.There are total 194 known countries in the world:

What are using in aircraft?

Do you mean used? Please be a little more specific, for example, What engines are used in aircraft, What instruments are used in aircraft.

How are airplanes used today?

Aircraft today are mainly used to carry passengers and cargo. Military aircraft are used as fighters, bombers, patrol aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft.

What is the most commonly used type of Boeing aircraft?

The most commonly used type of Boeing aircraft is the Boeing-747 passenger jet. This airplane is used internationally to carry people all over the world.

How were World War Aircraft Carriers used?

they provided aircover in remote areas of the Pacific where no land base aircraft could be based and provide such cover..............

Which weapons were the first used effectively in world war 1?

aircraft, tanks, dreadnoughts,

Who used more aircrafts in World War 2?

America used mainly aircraft versus the Japanese and Germans

Which gas used in aircraft tire?

Nitrogen is used in many aircraft tires.

What kind of planes were used on the World War 2 D-Day?

There was no change in the type of aircraft used during D-Day that hadn't been used during previous campaigns in Europe; the aircraft were the same.

What weapons did the australians use in World War 1?

Examples of weapons Australia used in World War I include revolvers, trench mortars, light machine guns, and armored vehicles. The country also used a number of aircraft including the Bleriot XI.

Someone who drops from an aircraft by parachute?

Someone who drops from an aircraft by parachute is known as a skydiver or paratrooper. They were used extensively by the military during World War II.

How many planes could the first aircraft carrier carry?

The first aircraft carrier was used in World War 1, which carries about 5 or 4 planes.

What is the Aircraft Tail Number?

The "Tail Number" of an aircraft is another name for the aircraft registration number. Every a/c has to be registered with a unique number for several reasons. It helps people identify it and this is important for operation around an airport. It is also important so that someone can report a violation. For aircraft registered in the US, the tail number will begin with an "N". This is followed by 5 numerals and/or letters. Each country will have a registration number that begins with a different letter or pair of letters. It is commonly referred to as "tail number" because the number is usually painted on the vertical tail or on the tail boom. In the US, this is also referred to as the "N number". Also, you can not just paint an aircraft in military colors and insignia. Only antique aircraft can be painted in such a manner. Custermen With military aircraft, the tail number is referred to as a Serial Number (Army and Air Force), or a Bureau of Aeronautics Number (Navy and Marine Corps.) The number stems from a contract established by the US Government and the aircraft manufacturer. The airplanes are assigned a number prior to its construction and may be cancelled by the government. Some manufacturers assign a Serial Number to an aircraft as it goes through production. They may also have a Production Numberthat is used to define the final version of the aircraft during its production. (Douglas called this the Fuselage Number). The Tail Number usually refers to the Registration number that is prodominately painted on the Tail. For military aircraft the number painted on the tail is usually the Year followed by the aircraft number.