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What was the value of the dollar in 1968?

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One dollar in 1968 was worth the same as $6.58 cents today. The dollar is no longer worth as much because of inflation.

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There were no 1968 Australian Five Dollar notes printed.

Starting in 1968, Canadian dollar coins were made of nickel instead of silver. A 1968 proof dollar is worth about $3.

The 1968 Kennedy half dollar is only 40% silver and has a value of about $4.00.

Canada did not make a silver dollar in 1968 - They were made of nickel that year

There were no 1968 New Zealand One Dollar coin minted.

It's still worth one dollar in Canada.

There is no such thing as a 1968 Franklin halfdollar. But there is a John F. Kennedy half dollar from 1968.

Turn the coin over and check the denomination on the back. It's a 50 cent piece, not a dollar. The U.S. did not make any dollar coins in 1968.

It is made of 40% silver and has a melt value of about $2.50 as of 08/2008

No US silver dollars were made after 1935, look at the back of the coin for 'Half Dollar'.

because they contain 40% silver, the value would be around $2.50 as of April 2010, so it would be a mistake to spend it.

Silver was removed from Canadian coins in 1968, so if you found it in change your half-dollar is an ordinary circulation coin with no added value.

Starting in 1968, Canadian dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars were all made of nickel, not silver. It's worth one dollar in Canada.

Unless it is unusual it is worth about one dollar. 1970 dollar coins were actually made of nickle from 1968 to 1987.

The US didn't make any 1968 commemorative halves, only standard-issue Kennedy halves.

There were no Australian Dollar coins, either commemorative or for general circulation, issued in the 1960's.

The coin is a 40% silver Kennedy half dollar most are valued only for the silver, about $6.00

The US did not mint a dollar coin in 1968, therefore you don't have a 1968-D silver dollar.

If this question is about the coin's value, it's worth about $4.50 for its silver content.

The U.S. did not print any $10 bills with that date.

They're worth about $2.50 a piece for the silver.

No there was not. No U.S. one dollar coins were made in 1968.

Please check your bill again. There are no 1968-date $1 bills. "Barr notes" are dated 1963.There's more information the at question "What is the value of a US 1 dollar bill signed by Secretary Joseph Barr?"

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