What was the vedic and epic age?

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What is the similarity between vedic age and modern age?

difference between vedic age and moderen age

Later vedic period?

it is a term of the vedic age

What are the three periods of Indian history?

vedic period ,epic period and pauranic period

How did the vedic age get its name?

By Aryans

What is early vedic literature?

the vedic lit. is divided into 2 groups on the basis of there age of composition early vedic and the later vedic A] early vedic literature which comprises of the four principle vedas,brahmanas , aranyakas , upanishads etc. B] later vedic lit. which u didnt asked so i m not goin to answer

What has the author Ravi Prakash Arya written?

Ravi Prakash Arya has written: 'Somayaga (Vedic Process of Rainformation)' 'Dhanurveda, the Vedic military science' 'Nature of Science and Technology in the Vedic Age' 'A Vedic concordance' -- subject(s): Concordances, Vedas 'Vedic meteorology' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Vedic literature, Meteorology in literature 'Weather Forecast in Vedic Times'

What is the epic age?


Why is 1500BC to 322BC known as the vedic age of Indian history?


Where have excavations taken place in connection with vedic age?

Excavations have taken place in Hasthinapur.

Which were the three Vedas which came in the later vedic age?

yajurveda,samaveda and atharva veda

The time when the Indo-Aryans came to northern India is know as the?

Vedic age

When did Epic Soundtracks die?

Epic Soundtracks died on November 5, 1997 at the age of 38.

During the Vedic age the Aryans changed?

The Vedic age is not demarcated in historical time but a phase in the socio-cultural development as Aryans who migrated from the European regions to settle in the Indus region. Vedic Age evolved with the knowledge of Vedic oral traditions as a philosophy of life, in every righteous aspect, discipline and system in a civilized society in sync with the elements of nature. The changes in the Aryan tradition began with the offshoot of the Avesta and then decline during the Brahaminical Gupta period with the modification of the Vedic essence to variations in rituals & deities worship adopted by the Brahmins. Trace elements of Vedic philosophy was adopted in later stages of Brahaminical era as Vedas written as treatise for convenience, and erroneously believed today to be the Aryan tradition.

How old was Epic Soundtracks at death?

Epic Soundtracks died on November 5, 1997 at the age of 38.

What is a Vedic hymn?

Vedic Chat or Vedic Hymn was the oral tradition of Vedas to chat their Vedic mantras. It may be in a form of pathas or recitation.

Was the Epic of Homer written in the Bronze Age?


What is the period around 1500 BCE when religious practices and beliefs began to solidify in India?

The Vedic Age

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana were two epic poems for what civilization?

Mahabharata and Ramayana are two important epics in Indian History which were written by sages like Vyas Rishi and Valmiki Rishi respectively to elaborate the human ideals and principles in Hinduism. Both are of Vedic age and are respected like sacred scriptures by Hindus.

What has the author Robert P Goldman written?

Robert P. Goldman has written: 'Epic and argument in Sanskrit literary history' -- subject(s): Sanskrit Epic poetry, History and criticism, Vedic literature, Logic in literature 'An introduction to the Sanskrit language' -- subject(s): Sanskrit language

What is the word witch in Hindi?

In the Vedic Age, a witch was called a Yogin. Nowadays witches are referred to as Daayan or chudail.

What was this period called Around 1500 BCE religious practices and beliefs began to solidify in India?

Vedic Age

What is difference between vedic math and modern math?

vedic maths is the maths which we got from vedas.from the vedas vedic maths came into extent.maths is ntng bt which cme from a part of vedic maths.

Who was the Vedic god of storm and war?

The Vedic god of storm and war was Indra. He was a very powerful and dangerous god in the Vedic religion.

The Vedic god of fire was?

The Vedic god of fire was called Agni

What do the Vedic texts describe?

I think Vedic texts describes grece