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Where did they settle in ancient Egypt vegetation?

in Egypt

How were phorachs viewed in ancient Egypt?

Pharohs were seen as living gods, in ancient Egypt.

How did vegetation affect peoples choices of where to settle in ancient Egypt?

I need help

Vegetation in Egypt?

yes there were vegetation in Egypt

Who was the god of the workings of nature in ancient Egypt?

Geb is the ancient Egyptian god of the earth, a god of the earth's vegetation and fertility.

What did ancient Egypt governments do?

The government of ancient Egypt was the pharoah. They used religion and the army to govern their empire. They were seen as living gods.

What desert is the vegetation zone in both the middle east and ancient Egypt?

black land yeah boy

How was the land like in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egypt the land was very fertile and crop appropriate near the Nile River, as it still is today, and the rest was generally desert like, and not much vegetation.

What are the two major vegetation zones in both ancient Egypt and the middle east?

Desert and the desert tot? I believe

Where were jackals often seen in ancient Egypt?

I think dinga the smiley god

What are two vegetation zones in both ancient Egypt and middle east?

Vegetation primarily grows alongside RIVER VALLEYS in Egypt and the Middle East. As a result, the most fertile regions are along the Nile, Euphrates, Tigris, and Jordan Rivers.

Who were the rulers in ancient Egypt?

the rulers of ancient Egypt were rulers of ancient Egypt

What is in ancient Egypt?

ancient egypt

What is the difference between ancient Egypt and Egypt?

ancient Egypt is Egypt in the past Egypt is Egypt in the present

What were the major achievments of ancient Egypt during the old kingdom?

Majestic Tombs is the major achievemets of ancient Egypt in the old kingdom. The Majestic Tomb can still be seen today in egypt. The majestic tombs were for pharaohs, to preserve their bodies.

What is a nome in ancient Egypt?

A Nome in ancient Egypt is was a subnational administrative division of ancient Egypt.

What are daily life features for Egypt?

Well it depends iv seen other questions about such things but about ancient Egypt. If it's ancient I have no clue. But today Egypt is about as normal as an a average place. Cars, tv, modern medicine. It's normal.

Is there any vegetation in Egypt?


What is the vegetation zone in Egypt?


Men in ancient Egypt?

men in ancient Egypt almost the same rights as women in ancient Egypt.

Why there are no slaves in ancient Egypt?

there were slaves in ancient egypt

What continent was ancient Egypt in?

Ancient Egypt was in Africa.

Did Ancient Egypt have electricity?

No, Ancient Egypt did not have electricity.

What role do the elderly play in Egyptian culture?

the elderly were reviered and respected in ancient egypt. they were seen to be wise.

Which ancient civilization is depicted in the above map?

Ancient Egypt..

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