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Q: What was the vision and mission for both the allies and the Axis armies?
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When did the soviet join the allies?

The Soviet Union became an ally when the Axis armies invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.

What year did Germanies allies set the people in the concentration camps free?

Germany's allies, known as the axis, did not free the prisoners in camps. The allied armies freed the prisoners.

What was the outcome of the axis armies invading North Africa?

They Lost. The Axis invaded, the British fought back. The United States landed in Northwestern Africa, then the Axis got pushed out. The Allies then forced the Axis all the way into North/Central Italy.

What were the names of the two opposing forces in world war 2?

The Allies and the Axis.Allies and Axis

What made the world war 2 stop?

The Allied armies beat the Axis armies and the Axis armies gave up and surrendered.

Is Italy allies or axis?

well in ww1 it was in the allies. but in ww2 it was a axis. so i dont know if it will be allied or axis.

What does axis and allies mean?

The axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The allies were U.S., Britain, and Soviet Union. Axis and allies are just the names of the alliances.

Was hitler allies or axis?


Was Japan axis or allies?


Why was the allies and the axis at battle for?

Because the Axis don't like the Allies so they battled it out

Why did the Allies fight the Axis powers?

The Axis attacked the Allies first; self defense.

Was Winston Churchill allies or axis?


Was Franklin Roosevelt on the axis or allies?


Did the allies or the axis start the war?

The axis.

Was Benito Mussolini an allies or axis?


Was Josef Goebbels an axis or allies?


What side was Italy on allies or axis?


What did the allies and axis want in World War 2?

The allies wanted an unconditional surrender from the axis.

Who made up the Axis who made up the Allies?

You momma made up the axis and allies

The allies and axis powers?

Allies - good guys Axis - bad guys during WWII

Which war pitted the allies against the axis?

WWI and WWI featured the allies versus the axis.

How big was the allied to the axis?

Well the allies had 16 countries in it ally and the axis had 7 allies in the axis. The allies had about 60 million troops and the axis only had 35 million troops, so the allies almost out number the axis by 1:2 but the axis was more prepared and more experianced in smaller battles, so the million of troops shorter than the allies was over siezed by the military training

Were england on the allies or the axis side?

The side of the Allies .

Did the US join the Axis or Allies?

USA was on the Allies.

Was Chichiill on the allies or the axis side?

He was on the allies side.