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That it will be sunny

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yes, it will rain on Wednesday

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It was hot...very good fishing weather.

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Q: What was the weather for Wednesday?
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What was the weather like on Wednesday 16th September 2009 in the UK?

warm and sunny

What is the weather wensday?

partly cloudy with a 80 high and a 40 persent chance of rain

Is it going to snow Wednesday night 16th December 2009?

If you want us to predict the weather, we have to know the location as well as the time. Somewhere in the world it will be snowing on Wednesday night, but at other locations it won't be. Try listening to your local radio station for a weather report.

What is the weather for Bethany beach Delaware for Tuesday and Wednesday?

It is suppossed to rain but the chance of it raining is only 30 percent.

What is the cimate of Argentina?

The weather in Argentina is 91 degrees for the high temperature and the low temperature is 69 degrees for Wednesday the 21st.

In Harvest Moon ds how do you get it to rain on Wednesday?

It is entirely random if it rains on Wednesday or not. If you want to check the weather for your game go to the sprite channel and choose channel 1. (You will begin the Game with Channel 1 and 8)

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7 days from Wednesday to Wednesday.

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There is a chance of severe weather in western North Carolina, but most of the threat is in the eastern part of the state. A few severe wind gusts cannot be ruled out.

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