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Q: What was the western border of KY after the Jackson Purchase?
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What city is halfway between Jackson MS and Louisville KY?

Jackson, TN

Can you purchase beer on Sunday in KY?


Which two rivers border KY?

Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

Where can one purchase KY lotion?

KY lotion can be purchased at most supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies, Adult specialty stores and at discount retailers such as Walmart or Target. One can also purchase KY lotion online on the KY website.

Where did the western hilltoppers got their name?

Western Ky University sits atop College Street hill, overlooking the town of Bowling Green, Ky ....Thus giving it the nickname, Hilltoppers...

Why did President Jackson veto the Maysville Road Bill?

The Maysville Road Bill would have allowed government to purchase stock in a company that was organized for the purpose of constructing a road that would link Lexington, KY and Maysville, KY. President Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill, on the grounds that federal monies should only be used for the benefit of the country as a whole, and not for localized ventures.

What is the halfway point between Jackson Ky and Houston Tx?

North Korea

What cities are around the Ohio river?

Ashland, KY; Cairo, IL; Cincinnati, OH; East Liverpool, OH; Evansville, IN; Henderson, KY; Huntington, WV; Louisville, KY; Owensboro, KY; Paducah, KY; Parkersburg, WV; Pittsburgh, PA; and Wheeling, WV border the Ohio River.

When is the best time to plant food plots for deer in western KY?


If you live in KY and purchase and item from OH do you pay OH or KY sales tax?

You pay Ohio sales tax if you purchased it in Ohio.

What states does Virginia border?

WV has shared borders with VA, KY, OH, PA and MD.

What state does Virginia border?

WV has shared borders with VA, KY, OH, PA and MD.

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