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for leading the puritans to baton

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How old was Thomas hooker?

thomas hooker was 61 when he died.

What were the names of Thomas hookers kids?

Joanna Hooker Mary Hooker John Hooker Anne Hooker Sarah Hooker Sarah Hooker (yes, two Sarahs) Samuel Hooker* Thomas Hooker Alice Hooker

What is Thomas hooker best known for?

In 1635, Thomas Hooker led his congregation to establish a new city called Hartford. And a few years later, this city founded the colony of Connecticut. && For uhh... Being A Hooker.! (: Cuttee! (;

Why did Thomas hooker do that was so important?

thomas hooker founded conneticut

What is Thomas Hooker famous for?

Thomas Hooker is famous for being a great speaker

Was Thomas hooker puritan minister?

yes Thomas Hooker was a puritan minister

When was Thomas Hooker born?

Thomas Hooker was born on July 5, 1586.

Why did Thomas Hooker die?

Thomas Hooker died because he had cancer in his heart

What did Thomas Hooker look like?

Thomas hooker looked like an englishman

How did Thomas Hooker die?

Thomas Hooker died by sever cancer in his heart

What colony did Thomas Hooker found?

Thomas Hooker was the founder of Connecticut in 1636

Where did Thomas Hooker settle in Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker Settled in Hartford, Connecticut.

Who was one of the founder of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker was known to have found the colony of Connecticut in the year 1636.

When did Thomas Hooker die?

Thomas Hooker died on July 7, 1647 at the age of 61.

Why is Thomas hooker important in history?

Thomas hooker is important because he established the colony of connecticut.

Who founded Connecticut?

Thomas HookerOne hundred settlers, led by the Minister Thomas Hooker, set up a new colony in Connecticut. These new settlers rejected the autocratic rule of the Puritans in Massachusetts. This new colony was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1635 by Rev. Thomas Hooker. Three years later, the settlers drafted a document known as "The Fundamental Orders." It became the basis of the eventual constitution of the state.

How old was Thomas Hooker at death?

Thomas Hooker died on July 7, 1647 at the age of 61.

What did thomas hooker believes?

Thomer Hooker believed in speaking out about Christian suffrage. Thomas Hooker was a Puritan leader who founded the colony of Connecticut. He died in 1647.

Where was Thomas hooker from?


Why did thomas hooker leave the colony-?

Thomas Hooker did not agree with the colony leadership and the limitations of the suffrage and left the colony.

Was Thomas Hooker the Founder or Connecticut?

Yes, Thomas Hooker was the founder of Connecticut when he was kicked out of Massachusetts because of his religious beliefs.

Why did Thomas Hooker leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

Thomas Hooker left the Massachutesetts Bay Colony because he wanted religion separated from government, And the puritan leaders didn't like that, So Thomas Hooker left.

Who was the founder of Coneticut?

Thomas Hooker.

Founder of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker

Who founded Coneticut?

thomas hooker