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Tobacco, cotton, indigo, and slaves.

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Q: What was traded in Virginia colony?
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What colony is Virginia in?

There is a colony called, The colony of Virginia. It is right where the state of Virginia now sits.

Why was the Virginia colony a southern colony?

Yes.... Virginia is/was a southern colony.

What colony did the Virginia Company found?

Virginia Colony.

Where was the Virginia colony?

the Virginia colony was located in the southern colonies

Can you create a graphic organizer on the Virginia colony?

Virginia colony

When did Colony of Virginia end?

Colony of Virginia ended in 1776.

When was Colony of Virginia created?

Colony of Virginia was created in 1607.

The colony of Virginia what are now the states of Virginia and West Virginia What colony bordered Virginia to the northeast?


Was the Jamestown colony was traded for beads?

Yes that is true.The James town colony was traded for the Indians beads.I hope I helped you!

Why was Virginia colony started?

The Virginia colony was started by a the Virginia Co. in order to make money.

What southern colony was later divided into two colonies?

Virginia colony split into West Virginia and Virginia.

what colony were the thirteen colony a part of?

the Virginia colony