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the front wheel was bigger than the back wheel
The most unusual thing about the Penny-farthing bicycle is that it was a high wheeler. The front wheel of the bike was very high while the back wheel was very small.
The penny farthing ( also known as the high wheel, high wheeler and ordinary) has a large front wheel and a small rear wheel. The front wheel is directly driven by the pedals. It took a lot of skill to ride the ordinary without coming to grief.
There was a very large front wheel and a very small rear wheel. There was a direct drive from the pedals to the front wheel. The rider was seated high and had to learn the technique of starting and stopping the penny farthing - which was also known as the high wheel, high wheeler or ordinary.

It was called the Penny-Farthing. Those were two different sized coins. The front wheel was large, the rear wheel very small.

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Q: What was unusual about the penny farthing bicycle?
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Did Thomas Alva Edison invent the penny farthing bicycle?

No. The Penny Farthing bicycle was invented by James Starley.

Why was a penny-farthing so named?

The penny-farthing (an early bicycle) had two wheels of different diameters, the penny and the farthing were two coins of different diameters.

What is the value of a 1949 British Penny farthing?

A Penny Farthing was a 19th Century bicycle invented in 1871 by British engineer, James Starley. It was named for the disparate size of the two wheels, the Penny being very much larger than the Farthing.

What is a 1932 penny farthing coin worth?

A Penny Farthing was a 19th Century bicycle invented in 1871 by British engineer, James Starley. A Penny and a Farthing are both coins from the now redundant British predecimal currency system. The Penny Farthing bicycle was so named for the contrast of the size of the front and back wheels which were likened to a Penny and a Farthing.

How much is a penny farthing1944 worth?

A 1944 farthing* in average condition sells for less than a dollar. (*) Note : A "penny farthing" is a type of bicycle. A farthing is 1/4 of a penny, so the terms do not go together (e.g. you would not say "a dime quarter")

What is the name of the big wheel bicycle?

I think you looking for a bicycle called the Penny-farthing, an early design of bicycle that had a very large front wheel.It is called a penny-farthing. Called that because the difference between the big wheel and the small wheel was similar to the difference between the old British pre-decimal penny and the farthing.

Did you blow up bike wheels on a penny farthing?

Usually not. The penny Farthing was invented before the inflatable bicycle tire was developed.

What bicycle came before the penny-farthing?

the bone-shaker.

Was the first car named the penny farthing?

no first bicycle

Who invented the safety bicycle in Victorian times?

Penny Farthing

Was there a light on the penny farthing?

There may have been a lantern on the Penny Farthing bicycle. A suitable secondary battery cell had not been invented when Penny Farthings were popular.

Who Penny farthing how does it work?

A penny farthing is a bicycle in England from many years ago. It is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel that was popular until the development of the safety bicycle, in the 1880s.