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tall, strong calf to his leg fair and fit

Henry viii hurt his leg in a jousting tournament, his leg was supposedly healed but in later life his leg became ulcerated.

When Henry VIII was 44 years old (1535), he injured his leg very badly in a jousting accident. The leg appeared to heal, but in a few years it had opened up again and eventually became ulcerated. Because Henry was incapacitated with the bad leg, he was not able to take as much exercise and so became very overweight. This put a great deal of strain on the bad leg. Eventually, both his legs were became ulcerated. This caused him a great deal of pain throughout the rest of his life.

Que paso a tu pierna? : What happened to your leg? Que está mal con su pierna? : What is wrong/bad with your leg?

Henry the viii got a wound in a joust that lead to a disease called gout and sent his leg manky.

Yes if you step into the stirrup with the wrong leg.

Henry VIII owned a number of churches, not to mention that he was also buried in one when he died of really bad leg ulcers. But in total he owned about 555 churches.

he died of his diesead leg

If you broke your leg would YOU be in pain?

an ulcer on his leg that swelled up and got so big it killed himhe popped it and lost so much blood that he diedi dunno

I think he was 17/18 when he broke his leg.

His leg could be asleep from him laying on it, or it could be itchy and he is shaking it

Henry VIII injured his leg in a jousting accident therefore he suffered from gout.

If any animal appears to have a broken leg, something is wrong. See a Vet.

If you look down to the front inside leg when your horse is cantering, it should be taking a shorter stride then the outside leg, and that will tell you that the horse is on the wrong lead. You don't nesesarily need to see the whole leg, you can just watch the shoulders, and that will tell you to.

king Henry the viii penis is often used for one foot, as it was often referred to as his extra leg, and a yard is how many women the king could impregnate in 24 hours squared

He was supposed to be good looking and slim in his early years. In his latter years, he had become very obese and suffered from open leg ulcers.

he injured it jousting and it never healed

You can break a leg by walking if you step on it wrong or if you fall on it. Or tragicly get ran over while walking.

Nobody can tell you unless you provide information.

King Tut died because of a leg infection and malarial dease

You can break your leg by running down the stairs, make a wrong step, and if your not in that much of pain just pretend that you broke your or leg. Good Luck!!!

old age, and a really big ulcer on his leg.

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