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sweat !

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Q: What waste product that leaves through the skin you can taste?
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What is the waste products you can taste through the leaves skin?


What is the end waste product of photosynthesis?

Oxygen gas is a waste from this process, and lucky for us that it is because it is given off through the leaves to replenish our atmosphere. The other waste product is water, also given off through the leaves.

What are the waste product given off by leaves after making sugar?


What is the waste product that leaves your lungs and exits the mouth?


How do plants remove their waste products?

Plants do not remove waste through the anus like humans. The remove their waste through their leaves.

Waste water that leaves through skin?


What cactus waste product do desert animals need?

Carbon Dioxide Leaves Oxygen

4 substance that enters and leaves through the cell membrane?

food enters, waste leaves

Liquid waste leaves the body after passing through the?

liquid wastes leaves the body after passing the kidneys and bladder, as the kidney remove waste products from the blood

What waste product of the body passes through anus?


What does photosynthesis convert water and carbon dioxide into when it uses sunlight?

Sugars, such as glucose and sucrose, with an oxygen waste product that is diffused through the leaves into the atmosphere. 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 +6O2

What enters the blood and leaves the blood?

Oxygen (O2) enters the blood through inhalation and is circulated throughout the body. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is filtered out of the blood as a waste product and exhaled.