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What water plants do hippos eat?

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lilly pads

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What types of food do hippos eat in the wild?

Hippos eat grass and water plants.

What kind of food does a hippopotamus eat?

Hippos eat plants and most water plants

What do baby hippos eat?

water plants and grass

What food do hippos eat?

hippos eat plants because they are herbavores.

Are hippos and rhinos vegetarian?

no rhinos eats plants and hippos eat plants

What type of water plants do hippos eat?

Hippos actually graze mainly on land where they will eat grasses, especially the tender shoots of new grass. In the water they will sometimes eat the reeds that grow near the shore.

Do hippos eat grass?

their diet consists mainly of grass and some water plants

Do elephants eat hippos?

Elephants are herbivores meaning they only eat plants. So no they do not eat hippos or any other animal.

Are hippos herbivores or carnivores?

Hippos are omnivores because they eat both plants and animals.

Are hippos carnivore ore herbivore?

Hippos are actually omnivores. They eat both plants and meat.

What do hippos eat and drink?

Hippos drink water from the rivers where they live. Hippos are almost completely herbivorous, and eat grasses, as well as fallen fruit and a small amount of aquatic plants. The eat about 150 lb per day, and take four or five hours each night to do that.

Do hippos eat fruit?

Essentially, hippos eat grass and nothing else. They do not eat in the water or root in the ground for fruit.

Do hippo eat fish?

NO. Hippos are herbivores, which mean they eat PLANTS, not other animals.

Do hippopotamus only eat plants?

Yes but no. Hippos only eat meat when they have defend them selves, but if nothing is bothering them they eat river plants.

What do hippos need to live?

food and water, Water and plants. and some africa.

What is the shelter for hippopotamus called?

Hippos like to swim under water sit in mud hippos can eat up to 100lbs of grass There is no name of the shelter hippos have, but they hide under the mud and grasses. Hippos sleep in the water but not under water.

Is a hippo a secondary consumer?

No, Hippos are primary consumers since they eat plants.

Which plants eat hippos?

There are a few carnivorous plants in the world. However, these plants are only large enough to eat insects. There are no carnivorous plants big enough to eat a human, let alone a hippo.

What does a hippo in Kenya eat?

Hippos are herbivores and eat plants/grasses. Hippos are also "opportunist carnivores". Meaning most of the time they are herbivores. However if they need to, for example if there is a food shortage, hippos have been known to scavenge dead animals or attack, drown and eat animals wandering close to water sources. Including humans. Hippos are also known to be cannibals, sometimes eating unwanted babies.

Do hippos eat fish?

Hippos can eat fish because they are ominvores.

Do hippos eat elephants?

Hippos only eat plants, because they are herbivores. Any animals they kill are out of self defense. Although they can kill even lions or crocodiles, they would not be able to kill an elephant.

What animals eat water plants?

Some fish eat water plants. Manatees, or sea cows, also eat water plants. Humans also eat some sea plants.

Do hippos eat meat AND animals?

Yes hippos do eat meat and animals. Hippos usaully eat at least 4 animals and 16Ibs. a year!

Do hippos eat alligators?

Hippos and alligators don't live in the same regions. Hippos do kill crocodiles, but they don't eat them.

Can hippos eat lions?

No. Hippos are herbivores, not carnivores.

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