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Sound waves cannot propagate in vacuum. Air is needed for sound waves to travel and there is no air in vacuum.

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What kind of wave is EM wave?

The wave , which do not require medium for their propagation i.e., which can propagate even though the vacuum are called electromagnetic wave. They propagates as transverse waves.

Why is sound not able to travel in a vacuum?

Sound being a longitudinal mechanical wave needs a medium to propagate. In a vacuum (like the outer space), there is no matter to act as the medium and thus sound waves can not propagate.

Is a water wave an electromagnetic wave?

No, eletromagnetic waves propagate in two planes (eletro-magnetic) and can propagate in a vacuum. Water waves, on the other hand, are dependant on matter to transfer energy, making it a mechanical wave, not an eletromagnetic one.

An s wave is unable to travel through what?

Sound waves propagate through dense mediums. As such, a sound wave is incapable of propagating through a vacuum as no medium exists with sufficient density in a vacuum.

What type of earthquake wave could travel through a vacuum?

Since an earthquake or seismic wave is a pressure or force wave (like sound waves), it requires a material in which to propagate. So, no earthquake waves can travel through a vacuum.

What must occur for a sound wave to be produced?

Sound needs a media to propagate. Sound can not propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves, unlike light, are essentially compression waves and the sound in order to move from one place to other needs molecules to compress and decompress against, hence the wave is transmitted. In a vacuum, there are no molecules. Hence no sound.

How electromagnetic waves travel in a vacuum?

Electromagnetic waves are changes in both the electric and magnetic fields of space, which propagate as a wave. These do not need atoms to propagate - on the contrary, the presence of matter tends to interfere with light, etc.

What media does a transverse wave travel through?

It depends on the type of transverse wave. A transverse water wave travels through water. A transverse wave on a rope travels along the rope. A transverse electromagnetic wave, however, needs no medium. It can propagate through a vacuum.

Can ultra sonic waves propagate in vacuum?

Definitely not. Though frequency is beyond audibility, it is sound wave longitudinal in nature and still it is mechanical wave. It badly needs a material medium to get propagated. So it is not possible for ultra sonic waves to pass through vacuum

What is the difference between sound and visiblle light in transmission?

Sound will propagate through any matter, but not a vacuum, light will propagate through a vacuum, but only through transparent matter.

How are sound waves the same as water waves and light waves?

I can provide a partial answer. Sound waves differ from light waves in at least one crucial respect: a sound wave can only propagate through a physical substance - through "stuff". While a light wave can also propagate through a physical substance (e.g. glass), it can also propagate through a vacuum (a sound wave cannot do this). There are other differences as well, but perhaps other posters can provide those.

Can sound travel trough a vacuum?

No, because there is no substance to propagate.

What is a wave that cannot be transmitted through a vacuum?

An electromagnetic wave can pass through a vacuum. No other wave will pass through a vacuum. An example of a wave that will not pass would be a sound wave.

What are types of wave according to the mosyon of the particle?

Wave propagation is any of the ways in which waves travel.With respect to the direction of the oscillation relative to the propagation direction, we can distinguish between longitudinal wave and transverse waves.For electromagnetic waves, propagation may occur in a vacuum as well as in a material medium. Most other wave types cannot propagate through vacuum and need a transmission medium to exist

Medium for the wave?

"Medium" refers to anything the wave needs, in order to propagate (travel).

Can you produce sound in vacuum?

No, you can not produce sound in a vacuum. Sound wave needs medium (for example air) to travel unlike electromagnetic wave which can travel through empty space.actually, sound wave does not propagate itself rather it needs a medium by which sound particle can transfer there energy from one place to other, so it seems like moving. for eg. when u throw a stone in water ,some ripples form in water they seems to moving but not. like this sound propagate. hence it requires medium

What is characteristic of a mechanical wave?

They need a medium to propagate through.

Would you expect a spaceship travelling into the moon to produce a shock wavewhy?

A shock wave would not propagate outward from the collision into space because there is almost no matter in space to propagate the wave.

Does sound propagate through a vacuum?

No,as we know that sound needs a medium to travel and in vaccum there is no air so that sound cannot propagate in vaccum.

Does light propagate around electromagnetic fields in a vacuum?

It is not very clear what the question means. Light is an electromagnetic field and it can propagate in a vacuum. Propagation of a beam of light is unaffected by any other electromagnetic fields in its path.

What is the velocity of sound in a vacuum?

Sound can not propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves, unlike light, are essentially compression waves and the sound in order to move from one place to other needs molecules to compress and decompress against, hence the wave is transmitted. In a vacuum, there are no molecules. Hence no sound and no speed of sound in a vacuum. The sound in "Star Wars" the movie is still fun.

How do you transmit sound waves in a vacuum?

Sound waves cannot propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves travel through matter, and a vacuum is, by definition, the absence of matter.

Which bell do not produced sound wave the bell in the water or the bell in a vacuum?

the bell in a vacuum, in a vacuum there is nothing for the sound wave to move through

Is ultrasound a tranverse or longtidunal wave?

Sound, at least in gases like air, can only propagate as a longitudinal wave.

What do light waves propagate through?

Light waves propagate best through vacuum, or "nothing." Light waves also propagate at slower speeds through denser materials, such as air, glass, and clear water.

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