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Spear most likely, it can be thrown too.

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What is the name of lulu's celestial weapon in Final Fantasy X?

Her Celestial weapon is named the Onion Knight.

What is the murder weapon of Dobby?

A silver knife, thrown by Bellatrix.

Probably man's first weapon?

A stone that could be thrown .

When was limestone used first?

Probably as a weapon to be thrown, or as a cave shelter.

What is a projectlie?

a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled

What is a weapon that could be thrown?

Spear, harpoon, knife, dagger, rock, ...

What Returning weapon that starts with the letter b?

A boomerang is a weapon that starts with the letter B, and returns to its owner when thrown.

What is a 'Molotov cocktail'?

It's a bottle-shaped thrown incendiary weapon.

First weapon made in world?

I think that the first weapon was most likely a rock, either thrown or attached to a stick to make a club.

Why is a sword the most important weapon to a knight?

It's not, the brain is the most important weapon for any warrior. Without it they'd be a vegetable.

A weapon a knight could throw?

Maces and throwing hammers were regularly used as a projectile weapon. But overall it doesn't make sense for a knight (a mounted warrior) to throw things. It is very difficult to aim sensibly from horseback.

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