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You will need to consult with a lawyer on the specifics of your actions.

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Are Ninja weapons legal in California?

No but many people tend to break the law

What is the statute of limitation for weapons charges in California?

what is the statute of limitation in California for a weapons charge

Can weapons issued to you by the Air Force be assumed to be legal weapons?

Legal for use in warfare? Yes.

What monkeys are legal pets in California?

There are no monkeys legal in California.

Are door visors legal in the state of California?

No they are not legal in California

Weapons issued to you by the air force can be assumed to be legal weapons?

A: True

Weapons issued to you by the air force can be assume to be legal weapons?


Weapons issued to you by the air forece can be assumed to be legal weapons?


Are chinchillas legal in California?

Chinchillas are legal to own as a pet in California.

Is it legal to record a conversation with another person in California?

is it legal to record a conversation on the phone in california? is it legal to record a conversation on the phone in california?

Are spring assisted knives legal in california?

Yes, they are totally legal in California.

Are post dated checks in California legal?

Are post dated checks legal in California

Is it legal to ride minibikes in California?

no, sorry but in is not legal to ride mini bikes in california.

Is ka24de turbo legal in California?

No modifications to the emissions of the car are legal, especially in California.

Are nuclear weapons legal?

For the countries that have them, yes.

When was California Rural Legal Assistance created?

California Rural Legal Assistance was created in 1965.

Is it legal to marry a relative in California?

It is legal to marry a second cousin in California. It is not legal to marry anyone else in your family. California also allows first cousin marriage.

Are tracer rounds legal in California?

In most situations they are NOT legal in California. Source: California Penal Code Section 12301-12312

What do California Condors use as weapons?


Is a MAC-10 legal in California with an open bolt legal?

No way. The MAC-10 isn't legal in California, period, unless you, as a California resident, owned it prior to the passage of California's so-called Assault Weapons Ban in 1989, and had it registered by 2000. Additionally, the only legal open bolt firearms are NFA tax-stamped Class III firearms, as federal law requires all Title I semi-auto firearms to operate from a closed bolt.

What is the legal dating age in California?

There is no such "legal dating age". However, the legal age of consent in California is 18 years of age.

Are tasers legal in California?

Tasers are legal to be carried by ciitizens in California, once they pass a felony background.

Is it legal to have a pet fox in California?

yes, it is legal to have a fox. but can't be sold or traded or released in california because they aren't native to california

Are fully automatic weapons legal in Virginia?


Why are weapons legal in Canada?

Because we know how to handle them.

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