The Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror

What weapons did William use in the Battle of Hastings?


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William the Conqueror was an expert at using the battle mace and sword. He used these weapons during the Battle of Hastings and was a devastating fighter with them.

His troops used lance, javelin, spear, different kinds of swords, battle axe, mace, polearms, and, most importantly, the long bow.


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he used battle axes and he through poo at william

Longbows and arrows. Longbows can shoot a lot per minute.

maces (big hamor thing), arrows, spears, ans swords and bowls

william wanted too win the battle of hastings soooooo badly that he used the same trick 3 times

there were no castles involved during the battle

William had built ships to carry his force - great store of weapons - came back to fight - William arranged his army in rows - Made a wall of shields - Effective Weapons - Fighting Uphill :(

William had prepared a 700 fleet of ships to invade England

William was tricky to catch and did a fake retreat.And the game 1066 will help you

Yes they did, warriors sometimes rode on horseback. William brought over many horses by boat for the use of his cavalry which were used at Hastings.

his army used longbows and arrows . longbows could shoot lots of arrows per mi ute. some brave men on foot used shields and swords

They use 4 weapons in the battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Hastings was one of the earliest recorded battles at which heavy cavalry used couched lances, which was made possible by the recent invention of the arched saddle and stirrups. William also used a combination of archers, infantry, and cavalry, where Harold used only infantry.

AnswerThe battle was fought on Senlac Hill, in a village called Battle, eight miles north west of the coastal town of Hastings in the south east of England.It could have been called "the Battle of Senlac Hill", or even "the Battle for England," but all historians now use the name "Battle of Hastings."Perhaps it is called the battle of hastings as Williams troops arrived in Pevensey and made their way to Hasting where they awaited Harold and his armyWell, in those times battle was really called Hastings. So they called it the Battle of Hastings. However they soon changed Hastings and called it battle AFTER the battle had happened. But they did not see the point in changing the name, because it was already history.

Harold Godwinson fought for the English against The Norman candidate William. People think he used arrows and bows, sowrds, shieds and most o the other weapons - NOT GUNS - they had not been invented

in the battle of hastings 1066 the the Anglo Saxons (the English) made a wall of people at hasting hill to stop the normans of getting past.

The tactics used by William in the Battle of Hastings was to charge at Harolds army, (up hill) and then turn and run down hill. Harolds army would then chase the running Normans. The Normans would stop running and circle Harolds army. They killed off many this way. they then fired arrows into the saxson ranks

the most used weapon was arrows and swords

No. The great stone castles were build by the Normans.

He has a trident, and he uses that in battle.

He wanted the battle to be equal and fair, since grendel wasn't fighting with weapons

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