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What weapons were used in the Middle Ages?


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See the question: What are some weapons used in the middle ages?


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See: What are some weapons used in the middle ages?

weapons were used in the middle ages for war and sometimes hunting. the most popular weapons wer the crossbow and the long swords.

The three main weapons used in middle ages battles in Europe were swords, maces and English longbows

it can be used for the war and hunting.

there were all kind of armor and weapons that the people used in the middle ages high hall's and gun's

They were first used as weapons in the middle ages, probably evolving from "hand cannons."

Today's weapons are different from those of the Middle Ages for the same reason that we ride in cars instead of carts. Things change.

why did the middle ages people use weapons

the blacksmiths made the weapons and the armor back then

Serfs were not permitted to have any functional weapons.

They were made out of medal or steal.

During some times in the Middle Ages, ladies carried daggers as a sign of their station. It was not uncommon for ladies to carry daggers regardless of symbolism.

Some duties that women had back in the middle ages where things like cooking and cleaning.Makeing weapons.

It was not worn in the Middle Ages.

They did. They used steel for many purposes the most famous of which being weapons like swords and maces.

Swords, shields and spears were common weapons of Medieval Warfare.

In the middle ages they used weapons such as daggers, knives, swords, clubs, flails, hammers, spears, axes, bows, muskets, slings, javelins and more. They also used animals in war like dogs and horses.

The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages." Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

they were made of metal (iron, etc), and wood.

Castles in the Middle Ages were used to keep out enemies.

sword spear axe pike lance gun rifle

they were made of bronze and steel and were swords or arrows

Weapons, dangerous objects, collectables, history, Middle Ages relics......... This question isn't very clear.....

Copper was one of the first metals discovered and used by humans; in the Middle Ages the use for weapons ceased long ago.

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